close call in a sentence

Example sentences for close call

Were the vote to be held today, it would be a close call.
In the aftermath of the close call, a d├ętente seems far out of reach.
Though thinking about it, that was a real close call, it being hidden in the middle of the paper.
For hundreds of thousands more, it was either a life-changing calamity or a close call.
It's good to see that he's almost certainly eligible to remain that way after that frightening close call.
Understanding the definition of near miss-also known as close call.
Fairly easy to catch, raccoons are not particularly suspicious of a trap unless they have had a previous close call.
Individual performance is seldom the sole reason for an adverse event or close call.
Meetings begin with a safety sharing moment or discussion of the findings of close call investigations.
The difference between a traffic accident and a close call can be a matter of seconds.
It is a close call about which one can argue endlessly.
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