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But his reign was painfully brief, ending in his bedroom with a single bullet fired into his head at close range.
Take a tractor-tram tour up through the vineyards for a close-up look at biodynamic farming.
It still is, but a new repellent comes close in effectiveness.
Finally, attach a small tray to keep accessories close at hand.
With close neighbors, you could plant a blooming vine on it for a living fence.
He set the plants close together to keep weeds down.
In the darkness he took hold of her hand and when she crept close put a hand on her shoulder.
Remove outside leaves from a small solid white cabbage, and cut off stalk close to leaves.
Brush each piece with cold water half-way round close to edge.
Many clusters are spread out so that the stars drift apart, but others are denser, and gravity keeps their stars close together.
Being this close to a bird you see how perfect the wild keeps them.
Any planet too close to such a destructive event would have been torched.
You're sitting in camps among all these people who are in close quarters.
We have been fortunate to walk among these endangered giraffes and get amazingly close to get some great pictures.
There have been plenty of close calls since: people have had ribs broken, legs cracked and flesh gashed.
The city's downtown and its old, close-in neighborhoods are easily navigable and mostly within walking distance of each other.
As for the egg itself, close examination showed that it had a leathery shell.
Seen up close, the whooping crane leaves little doubt that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.
When all tourism stopped because of the oil spill, she had no choice but to close.
Clustering is the phenomenon whereby firms from the same industry gather together in close proximity.
The only way that companies can prosper in these markets is to cut costs relentlessly and accept profit margins close to zero.
It has brought the federal-funds target rate lower than ever before, close to zero.
Second, the existing laws that govern what land can be used and what cannot are confusing and close to unenforceable.
Take the rigmarole it puts users through when they wish to close an account.
With interest rates close to zero, money-market funds cannot offer a decent return.
Close your eyes and breath and know again the peace that surrounds us always and all ways.
New genetic findings suggest that early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
Anyone contemplating testing should determine in advance whether to share the results with close relatives.
Early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
And that's a benefit related to the one conferred by being close to the equator.
However, a few of these objects will come maddeningly close.
Because they are pressed up close to delicate organs and vital arteries, these tumors are difficult to remove surgically.
If we're ever close to an evacuation zone, we'll be happy to offer shelter to evacuees.
Surrounding tissue may be damaged in the process, since it will be heated close to the boiling point.
Summer corn and vine-ripened tomatoes are already close to perfection.
Running a close second, though only because it requires a short turn at the stove, is lettuce and lovage soup.
Dream up a cross between cornpone and blini and you've got a close approximation.
And please, eat it with close friends, because this stuff is the culinary equivalent of mud wrestling.
Cool the ketchup, pour it into bottles, and close immediately.
Its distribution is also tightly regulated due to its close ties to nuclear technology.
For partial ads, materials are due by the space close date.
They're so close they all take less than two days to circle it once.
But being all bloated that close to a star turns out to be bad for your health.
They found that some species, including baboons and our close relatives the chimpanzees, advertise ovulation conspicuously.
But if you were close enough to touch, you'd be entirely squished by the gravity.
Old family albums reveal close-ups of climate change.
While sources close to him deny this, other sources confirm it.
He realized that a gene promoting extreme altruism could spread if the altruist helped its close relations.
With the help of the filibuster, the opponents of health care reform came close to defeating it politically.
They were as close as one could get to seeing it directly.
If you watch him up close, this certainly seems true.

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