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The cloning and sale of pets has its critics, who call it wasteful and inhumane.
Talk of cloning typically inspires speculation and worry about duplicating people.
Cloning a non-avian dinosaur appeared to be all but impossible.
In and of itself, that doesn't mean reproductive cloning is possible.
In this near future, cloning has become both a boon and a curse.
The authors suggest cloning a fund by dissecting its performance over the past year or two.
Until now, horse cloning has been a purely scientific experiment.
Scientists will bring back an extinct animal species by cloning.
Under orders from the prefectural government, scientists set about replanting the tree and cloning it.
Cloning success in animals doesn't extend to humans.
The researchers admit, though, that the efficiency of dog cloning is still low.
These important medical uses of cloning technology urge us to be careful in our efforts to restrict cloning research.
They aren't afraid of science, and they know a bit about cloning.
The journal emphasized that its request did not indicate mistrust of scientists in the cloning field.
Also: updates on cloning mice and extinction by disease.
Some people are enraged by the prospect of human cloning.
Maybe he's found a way to consistently avoid the potentially fatal genetic errors introduced during the cloning process.
In a breakthrough for cloning research, researchers produce calves from the ear of a prize bull.
The easiest approach would be to use a drive cloning kit.
It's as likely to work as a cloning program, and certainly more pleasant for the animals.
Strange how universities can clone some strange views if the one performing the cloning is perceived as a mental guru.
Present-day elephants would be key to any such cloning project.
Most people are now aware that medical scientists put cloning in two different categories.
Cloning has turned out to be much riskier than anyone had predicted.
Much better then, is the side project: cloning people's faces.
Ditto for much of the objection to cloning and stem-cell research.
Biologists have been rather silent on the subject of human cloning.
The situation would then be ripe for extensive efforts, either legal or illegal, at human cloning.
As the industry moved away from cider-making and toward table fruit, some of these apples were named, propagated by cloning.
The human cloning controversy doubles and redoubles.
Scientists have hoped to create such cells for more than a decade, initially attempting the feat through human cloning.
Using a process similar to cloning, they first harvested a fertile egg.
We're cloning animals and eventually maybe even people.
The technology might also shed light on the tricky process of human cloning.
Science, the journal that published the two human-cloning papers, is now retracting them.
Cloning to reproduce a human being is now seen almost universally as too dangerous to consider.
Dresser is a leading advocate of efforts to protect rare animals by cloning and other advanced reproductive techniques.
Cloning stem cells has nothing to do with cloning people.
Failure is actually the norm in the cloning business.
The team also used a cloning technique that allowed them to choose the gender of the calf.
Cloning research that does not involve people is becoming more widely accepted.
All organisms ought to opt for efficient cloning, not mad, untidy mating.
The other way of spreading virus is through cloning.
Actually, given the novel's one-step-beyond-cloning premise, the tree-swinging isn't such a surprise.
Any normal species would be delighted at the prospect of cloning.
Cloning such elite stock is one way to maximize their yield.
Renegade scientists say they are ready to start applying the technology of cloning to human beings.

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