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It was a stable block, not a cloister and terrace walks.
But at that moment it was as calm and quiet as a monastery cloister.
The monastic school for externs was in a building apart from the cloister.
These were connected with the original library building with a cloister.
Twenty-eight stalls selling sweet regional delights fill this bazaar, housed in the corridors of an old cloister.
The now-moldering cloister will be preserved because of its importance, while demolition proceeds above it.
The hotel has an extensive shopping area in an arcaded cloister near the main lobby.
In addition to the church and cloister, the wings of the building are home to an archaeological museum and a marine museum.
The stone structure consists of a semi-circular stone cloister supported by stone columns.
The walls of the cloister have fallen before the cries of a rising womanhood.
Their commonplace topic was, that a monk ought to confine himself to his cloister.
Hence the forewarning and the flight, the cloister and the yellow robes.
The mansion itself had once been a cloister for decrepit nuns, and was surrounded by a sculpted garden.
They cloister themselves, and encourage their husbands and brothers to join the movement.
Simplicity is the sensibility at work in this cloister.
He should now cloister himself away to feel guilty about the woes of the world.
Even now, in the hush of an abbey cloister, with the prairie road too muddy to reach the hives.
When you think of people seeking divine visions, you imagine them trekking to some mountainous cloister.
It also has a balcony with half piers that seem to be an extension of the cloister below.

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