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It used to be considered smart to block or clog up a board so that no one could put down a bingo.
Oil and grease can clog fish gills and block oxygen from entering the water.
They clog the streets and restaurants and take the parking places.
It oddly does not feel too greasy, absorbs quickly, doesn't clog my pores.
More frequent are the sandstorms, which clog drains that are tested no more than annually.
From early morning until late at night pedestrians and cars clog the streets.
If you fear that your feed will quickly clog with that much data streaming into it, organize them into a variety of folders.
However, as our vital transportation arteries clog up, current budgets do not project similar investments to meet future demand.
Subways and rail transit are being expanded as highways clog.
Enough to clog the drain in the concrete floor of our packing room.
Mentone water is so mineral laden, pipes clog and lawns curl up and die.
They interfere with the fisheries and clog up the nets.
Silt and leaf fragments clog the eye sockets and nasal cavity.
Agricultural and industrial runoff can also clog ecosystems with silt and other sediment.
Baking soda is helpful for keeping shower and sink drains clog-free organically.
Farther south, crocodiles and hippos began to clog the river.
Plastic bags clog streams and waterways, and one city decided to take action against this menace.
These pollutants can clog the atmosphere with smog, a combination of smoke and fog.
Its dense, snarled root system can clog drainage and irrigation ditches.
Zebra mussels multiply so quickly that they clog pipes.
People commonly clog it with some condition which makes it no tender in law.
It allows mucus to clog the lungs and affects the pancreas, harming digestion and the absorption of vitamins.
These build up in the duct and clog pores with a firm, oil-soaked plug.
The spokes throw out the mud, snow, etc and the spokes don't clog.
The snake went in only a dozen feet or so and found a clog, and now the little claw at the end is spinning.
The rafts would be virtually unsinkable and can be made from recycled materials that now clog our land fills.
Essentially, it would pile huge amounts of loose rumble on top of the spill, hoping it would clog it.
There may be no limit to space on the web, but that's not a reason to clog it up with stuff.
They are fast-growing and quickly clog water intake pipes for water treatment and power plants.
But outfits of this kind do not themselves clog in boxes.
The main hall is now being used by local groups for exhibitions from clog-dancing to rag-rug making.
Clogging up our time with yet another session on how not to clog up our time strikes me as a somewhat ironic suggestion.
As more people take the advice, the clever detours inexorably clog up.
Hydrates occur naturally in pipelines, and are unpopular because they clog the flow of oil.
Corporate jets further clog up our already crowded airspace.
It's a war to clog up roads and verges with cars and trucks.
That's one major clog in the system that you have not addressed.
Fretful, distracted drivers crash so often that pile-ups clog the streets.
Although cable has advantages as a broadband network, too many people wanting to watch videos at the same time clog up the system.
Its response was to widen the drainpipes that might clog with peels.
The plan was for dense mud to sink through the oil and clog the bottom of the pipe.
They impede traffic, clog roads, cause pile-ups and occasionally nail pedestrians.
There's less controversy over whether the biscuits clog your arteries.
They shrink parts of the brain, clog the arteries, and weaken the immune system.
Decision markets also skirt the political and personal issues that so often clog the flow of information within organizations.
Rigid cells, on the other hand, can clog capillaries and cause cerebral hemorrhages.
Both of these factors tend to clog the cell and reduce performance.
Being a similar size to circulating cancer cells means they could easily clog these kinds of filters.
Unmodified silicon strongly attracts proteins, and thus a silicon nano-pore membrane would rapidly clog if implanted in the body.
However many intake valves they clog or swimmers' legs they sting, jellies aren't turning the oceans acidic or warming them up.
Those lesions can then break open, resulting in the formation of a blood clot that can clog blood vessels and cause heart attacks.
The waxy plates clog the insect's feet and prevent them from gaining a grip.
They are filter feeders and something as large as a human body would clog their throat causing them to die.
Arteries that are more relaxed are less likely to clog with plaque.
Such levels would clog mammal hearts with fat, but the pythons seem immune.
They clog up the sides of the roads and so they are not allowed to park there.
It makes sense to drop a big log in the toilet to clog it and keep us all from going down.
Fat from the belly is more easily mobilized and sent into the bloodstream, where it can clog vital blood vessels.
Slat systems do a better job because there are no more gutters to clog.
These conventioneers clog up restaurant reservation books.
The idea of returning to the old days of marathon blather is even less popular, as it would only clog the legislative calendar.
Please do not send projects via email as they clog up our email system.
The hot water should help dissolve the clog and the baking soda and salt serve as an abrasive to break through the clog.
It's illegal and the debris and silt will clog your line.
Experiencing a waterline break or a sewer line clog can be a stressful experience, especially if you're not sure who to call.
Sometime after pouring it down the drain it will cool on the pipes in the collection system, then harden, and start a clog.
Tumbling plants disrupt automobile traffic, clog irrigation systems and pile up against buildings and fences.
Citizens should remove any large items that could clog the sanitary sewer line before discharging.
These wastes clog catch basins, increasing the risk of flooding on your street, and carry lawn chemicals into the river.
Free-floating and rooted aquatic weeds can clog irrigation channels and cover lakes, threatening crops and wildlife.
If sludge isn't pumped out, the buildup can cause your drainfield to clog, and the system to malfunction.
Sanitary sewer overflows occur when sewer pipes clog or pumping stations break down.
Some people believe that if you mix hot water with the grease it will not clog your lines.
Discharges to the sewer should not contain grease, grit, or any material that could clog piping.
They have a tendency to readily clog with debris, thus rendering them ineffective.

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