clockwise in a sentence

Example sentences for clockwise

The concept of handedness-of left and right, say, or of clockwise and anti-clockwise-is deceptively simple.
Upon returning to the chair she spin one revolution counter-clockwise.
As you move away from the image, they appear to rotate clockwise.
It was not swimming endlessly with the school in a clockwise gyre.
Also note how the moon appears to rotate counter-clockwise.
It appears to be a cold core eddy, as they rotate counter-clockwise.
According to lore, people can fulfill a dream if they touch the foot of the statue after going around it three times clockwise.
In the winter, reverse the motor and operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction.
Counter-clockwise is considered the positive direction.
Turn the valve on the torch clockwise to turn off the gas before putting down the welding or cutting torch.
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