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Go online and look for a cloak to use as a coat in the meantime.
Low-growing perennials cloak this rock garden with soft colors and textures.
Bitterly crosses the street to a single-story concrete building half hidden under a straggling cloak of ivy.
But scientists are still far from designing and manufacturing such a cloak.
In the cash world, anonymity can be a cloak for wrongdoing.
Scientists in general too often wear the cloak of so-called objectivity.
Target is leaning towards predatory lending, but is swaddling that practice in the cloak of charity.
But many governments, jealously guarding the cloak of statehood, lobbied to keep the commission weak.
Wearing a thin cloak of democracy does little to hide the cronyism and despotic nature that inflicts it.
She has long, wavy blond hair and is wearing a blue-gray dress and a heavy gold cloak.
They cloak the machinery in a body that's fully present, if not pretty.
Yes, scientists earlier this year actually managed to cloak an event, but only for an iota of a single second.
Now you see how little liberty they have to loiter: how they can have no cloak or pretence to idleness.
Cloak a living area in a thick enough blanket of it and it will enable astronauts to live radiation-free.
It was not a true invisibility cloak, though, since it only worked in two dimensions and only at microwave frequencies.
However, until now, physicists have been unable to fabricate a cloak that could hide macroscopic items at visible wavelengths.
Beginning at noon, she must cloak herself in a chador.
The planet may have life not as advanced as us, thus not needing to cloak our proves or spaceships.
It is easier for insiders to cloak their actions in what appears to be normal and benign traffic.

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