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Example sentences for clique

He even had his clique of dog-friends that he played with.
But there is little agreement on whether the group was a genuinely sinister collection of officers or merely a peculiar clique.
His team now gets together regularly for fun, as if they were a clique of college friends.
The larger a group of immigrants is the more likely they are to form their own clique within society.
It's not simply that different students are in cliques because they fit in with others in the clique.
Decisions are made by clique rather than by shared governance.
They say that such barriers benefit a clique of scholars at the expense of the fossils themselves.
Whenever any clique member made a reproduction error, the result was one of the other two peers.
These ideals were not invented by some aesthetic clique.
The committee is only checking to see if the applicant is part of the popular clique.
Absolute power corrupts those who wield it, because inevitably a clique forms around them.
Why, no one has bashed the clique that's not a clique for a long time.
Even military leaders two decades ago chose to share power with a clique.
Each of these actions might again be communicated instantly to the news feeds of their clique.
It can be tricky to befriend them while not joining their clique.
We're talking about a single clique of criminals here.
Everybody seems to belong to their own little clique.
Members of abusive clique need to be disciplined, ritual.
The second generation forms a clique intellectually and socially, but not politically.
Nor is its wealth monopolised by a well-connected clique.
The hypocrisy of the clique or troika is beyond belief.
All the ruling elite suffers from it and they deny any attempt of smart people to rise and be part of the ruling clique.
The largest maximal clique is sometimes called the maximum clique.

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