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There is so much clinically nuts about this, one doesn't know where to start.
The clinically insane have an inalienable right to marry.
Fortunately, these poorly differentiated, clinically virulent cancers are relatively uncommon.
Clinically, they are pretty much indistinguishable from each other.
But until now, they hadn't identified a clinically useful drug that could block the receptor.
These types of systems are likely to be used clinically one day to restore movement in legs, arms, and hands.
It approaches binge drinking clinically as a public health problem.
Alternatively, you may want to be part of a team and work on a clinically relevant problem.
All my favorite master manipulators are clinically depressive.
Yet although those extra hours may be clinically irrelevant, politically they are dynamite.
Orbiting astronauts have even become clinically depressed and panicked at psychosomatic illnesses.
What causes annoyance is the high-handed, clinically technocratic manner in which the reforms are being shoved through.
How fortuitous that the logistically easiest dose to provide was also the optimal clinically required dose.
They are often clinically overoptimistic and ill-advised destroyers of wealth and value.
Only when one was behaving differently and was obviously clinically sick.
Yet bad as it is clinically, the fear it inspires magnifies its agony.
But when injected into hundreds of obese human volunteers, leptin's effect was clinically insignificant.
But for everyone else, the possible advantage is marginally and clinically insignificant.
More clinically a supernatural agent is a supernatural agent.
After all, the clinically focused psychologists were in the helping profession.
Everything happens on a huge estate and the story revolves around two sisters, one of whom is clinically depressed.
Similarly, the clinically thick can hold high office and this gives them the power to affect the rest of the world.
In addition, more of us than ever are clinically depressed.
All subjects had been diagnosed clinically with either schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
But it will need to be tested in larger studies before it can be deployed clinically.
Ingested either clinically or naturally, they are ineffective when taken sequentially.
Had anyone else played the role, this dubious character would probably have come off as clinically insane.
He has written his trashy, vicious people so that they are clinically interesting.
Neither are they interesting enough clinically to justify their inclusion in the movie.
Systematic review: comparative effectiveness and harms of treatments for clinically localized prostate cancer.
For these patients, not only did discography fail to provide clinically useful data but it risked causing long-term pain as well.
But that's about all the clinically useful information he could get from a quick scan.
He expects the test to be clinically available in three to six months.
But it's going to take a while to learn how to use it in a clinically important way.
It is not a clinically sterile osmosis, though, nor is it objective or even mimetic.
In other words, the distinction is one that they have found to be clinically demonstrable.
Indeed, the capacity for spot diagnosis is a revered skill among clinically minded physicians.
Scientists present the facts about climate change clinically, failing to stress that business-as-usual will transform the planet.
But unless the product has been clinically tested, it is difficult to know whether such products are effective.
In addition, it's not easy to know where normal forgetfulness ends and clinically significant impairment begins.

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