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To claim that people should risk themselves, out of beneficence, to participate in a clinical trial is unreasonable.
The system essentially functions as a clinical trial in a test tube.
The efficacy of such a program would be easy to test in an educational clinical trial costing no more than a few million dollars.
The drug will be tested in a large multi-center clinical trial to see whether it meets its endpoints in humans.
They have conducted the largest clinical trial ever designed to compare talk therapy with chemical antidepressants.
Each is running a clinical trial of an aspiring drug.
Because of this, one of the alluring features of a clinical trial is that subjects are supplied with the test drug for free.
During her research, she found that data was wasted once a clinical trial ended.
The two problems appear to be related, and a new clinical trial reports that losing weight may help relieve incontinence.
But there was only one clinical trial to compare reserpine to a placebo with depressed patients.
On the back of such studies, it's being tested in a clinical trial to see if it can improve working memory in old people.
Not surprisingly, those who met standard inclusion criteria for a clinical trial had significantly better outcomes on the drug.
In an early clinical trial, subjects using the device did not hear quite as well as they did with traditional hearing aids.
The clinical trial marks the first human tests of a therapy derived from embryonic stem cells.
Now, the group has finished their first clinical trial on human patients.
The risk that the clinical trial will fail is more than balanced by the chance to sell the drug to millions more people.
It has been performing clinical trial services for the past seven years.
Choosing to participate in a clinical trial is an important personal decision.
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