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Whether he suffered from a full-blown case of what today is called clinical depression is unknown.
My husband was suffering from clinical depression and attempted to take his own life three years ago.
Parental reports of depressive symptoms are not the same as, and not indicative of, clinical depression.
The process literally plunged me into a bout with clinical depression.
Because a new study reveals that animals exposed to light all night long show signs of clinical depression.
From this, they calculated the relative risk of clinical depression as correlated with coffee consumption.
Clinical depression certainly is affected by serotonin.
He gives the impression of someone suffering from a clinical depression.
Meier, who already suffered from clinical depression, hanged herself in her bedroom shortly after receiving that message.
Meier already suffered from clinical depression, and shortly after that final message she hanged herself in her bedroom.
People diagnosed with clinical depression face a rough road to recovery.
The symptoms are pretty much identical with clinical depression.
He's widely believed to have suffered from clinical depression.
The everyday doldrums are but a faint shade of true clinical depression, according to those who experience it.
Clinical depression is readily treatable with counseling and medication.

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