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Clinical trials have proved a valuable medical innovation.
Supervised and evaluated clinical psychology doctoral-level student in initial field placement experience.
Although thousands of patients have received gene therapy for a variety of conditions, only a few have shown any clinical benefit.
Whether he suffered from a full-blown case of what today is called clinical depression is unknown.
Lecturers also withdrew clinical and nursing services at two teaching hospitals.
Clinical trials are another point of contact between east and west.
But clinical trials of legitimate gene-therapy methods have run into hitches.
The veterinarians that do the clinical care get a lot of interaction with the keepers, who are really our eyes and ears.
Every year, millions of volunteers participate in clinical trials in return for quick cash.
Supervised and evaluated clinical psychology doctoral-level students.
Clinical evidence of its effectiveness, however, is decidedly mixed.
It would prevent costly-sometimes tragic-surprises late in clinical trials, or worse, long after drugs had reached the market.
In routine clinical interviews with doctors, the patients admitted they had been gambling too much.
But the details often remain vague-in particular, the details of which molecules are having which clinical effects.
She is seeing a clinical psychologist on campus to better understand what caused the hair-pulling incident.
Our basic biomedical and clinical research probably will be viewed in the future as one of the great intellectual achievements.
They were on the verge of clinical shock from cold and fatigue and had said not a word to each other.
Human clinical trials are scheduled to take place next year.
The doctors wanted implant makers to produce more clinical trials of devices to help them generate income from research fees.
If that is true in people, too, many more drugs now in clinical trials may prove to be ineffective.
It isn't clear how these two possibilities could be disentangled in research studies involving clinical populations.
His clinical research on family systems had widespread influence in this country and abroad.
Clinical courses are require much more faculty contact time than a substantive course.
But synchrotrons are large and expensive, and so cannot be used routinely for clinical work.
My husband was suffering from clinical depression and attempted to take his own life three years ago.
But those who are clinical psychopaths should absolutely not be equated to those who have build great and original enterprises.
Soon these tiny robots may be ready for clinical trials.
Of course, many promising new drugs never make it through clinical trials.
Only a tiny fraction of potential drugs make it through the hazardous process of clinical trials and regulatory approval.
Cancer patients desperate to get into government run clinical trials will be sidelined.
Clinical trials require a large group of people to be followed over many years.
Health services are mining clinical data to gauge the cost-effectiveness of drugs.
But, even if successful, that would take years to go through clinical trials.
Epigenetic markers also serve to predict clinical outcomes.
It acts as a control in the clinical evaluation of drugs.
In one, data from a test used to diagnose brain damage were given to a group of clinical psychologists and their secretaries.
But his day job has been the making of him, and it isn't easy to dissociate his artistry from his clinical skills.
Parents who volunteered for the study may have been drawn by the offer of free clinical treatment.
Mounting clinical evidence suggests that better design can improve patients' health-not to mention their morale.
Doctors must make prescribing decisions based on medical evidence and their own clinical judgment.
Clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of an air suspension bed in the prevention of pressure ulcers.
In some children the clinical signs and symptoms of autism had been present from birth.
Some might say he had a clinical aversion to pandering.
Despite the attempted clinical detachment of the nurse's description, it was obvious that she was upset, even distraught.
But there was only one clinical trial to compare reserpine to a placebo with depressed patients.
Fluorescence is increasingly being touted as the future of clinical imaging due to its selectivity.
The clinical presentation, fever and mental-status changes, suggested a central nervous system disease.
In seconds, what had been a disjointed clinical story clicked into focus.
Cutting plans to start clinical trials in about two years.
Other people are doing it for the limbs for clinical work.
Clinical research scientists routinely grow muscle cells in the lab.
The drug must now go through another round of clinical trials.
There's a lot that has to be done between concept and actual implementation in a clinical setting.
The first clinical trials of drug treatments are already under way.
Homeopathy has been shown in double-blind, randomised clinical trials to perform exactly the same as a placebo.
Despite two decades of research, no gene therapy treatments have made it out of clinical trials.
It's clearly too soon to declare victory in the war on cancer, since nine out of ten new treatments will fail clinical trials.
Twelve percent of survey participants said they thought placebos should be banned completely from regular clinical practice.
My interest is as a clinical and academic cardiologist with an interest in prevention.

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