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Clinging vines can be grown on brick or stone walls and tree trunks.
The clinging deciduous vine drops its leaves in winter, and thrives in shade and sun.
Bunches of ripe tomatoes still clinging to the vine have become a familiar sight at produce markets.
On a busy night, the birds would be clinging to the bricks on the inside of the chimney in overlapping layers.
We're clinging to this illusion because hey, being a phoney academic is still better than working as a clerk for wal-mart.
Also, no one will give you a badge for guiltily clinging to months-old e-mails you still haven't gotten to yet.
Clinging onto the idea of serial monogamy is irrational thinking.
It crept out of the night only to find its way blocked by an eerie, clinging radiation fog.
Not with vague charges of cultural bias still clinging to them.
Some of the cleaner fish eat the bacteria clinging to the ray's belly.
One kind eats parasites clinging to the ray's belly.
The vultures live on the heights, clinging to sheer cliff faces and nesting in cracks or cornices.
By dawn the survivors were all clinging to the still-floating bow.
Katy had struggled almost from the start, clinging to an unhappiness that had tried my patience at times.
They are vibrant microbial communities, not clinging to life in a narrow niche but proliferating in it, replicating up a storm.
Adventure-seekers can be found here clinging to iron rungs hammered into granite.
Their claws are long and sharp for clinging to rocks on shore or underwater in heavy currents.
The few plants and animals that live in the harsh conditions of the tundra are essentially clinging to life.
Clinging to past ethics and at the same time demanding the benefits of science leads to this state of affairs.
Imagine a volume of these particles clinging together.
Only ego can explain the clinging to the idea of art in medicine.
Nothing in my ego, or my pay check, depends on clinging to either side.
But phosphates continue clinging to oxygen at much higher temperatures.
State and local governments aren't hiring, but they're clinging desperately to the payrolls they've got.
They claim to fear the immigrant clinging to his language.
They react against relativism by clinging more fiercely to an absolute view of the world.
It is habit and magical thinking that keeps us clinging to the idea of two legislative bodies.
But clinging to a failed monetary peg causes problems that can drag on for years.
Use a pastry brush dipped in water to make sure there are no sugar crystals clinging to the edges of the pan.
We're going through a cycle of demystification, so it makes sense that folks are clinging to symbols.
There are too many interests clinging to the way it works.
He accepted obscurity with the same fatalistic confidence he had shown in clinging obstinately to his waning autocracy.
Use tongs to transfer the spaghetti to the bowl, allowing the water clinging to the noodles to drip into the bowl.
The bones are sawed crosswise, with the mea and marrow clinging to them, and arc cooked for long hours until the meat is tender.
Miraculously, he survived the tsunami by clinging to the roof of his house as his town was swept away in a flash.
There were smoke clouds around, clinging to the ground.
But, while clinging to the status quo can be dangerous for autocrats, real reform comes with its own risks.
Up out of the water came the im- paled shad scale, the caterpillar alive and clinging to it.
People adjust to the situation, clinging to familiar routines and adding new ones.
It produces thousands of apricots, many of them clinging to branches twenty feet in the air, so that you'll never reach them.
Though clinging to a violent ideology, it has been groping crabwise towards an accommodation.
No long-serving despot is clinging tenaciously to power.
Most of the houses are thrown together, clinging to steep hills and set along narrow alleys.
Those with spare cash, including companies, are clinging on to it as a hedge against an uncertain future.
If tackled by a football player, they fall realistically-possibly even clinging to their opponent.
He survived the tsunami by clinging to a fence on the top of a building as water washed over his head for three minutes.
Clinging to tried and trusted methods, though, may not be the right approach.
We do learn about her that she wears clinging dresses and disdains underwear.
So if you're clinging out of fear to a job you don't want, you're doing yourself and the rest of us a disservice.
Time to revise the image of the hermit, clinging to a crag in solitary bliss.
Add the spinach leaves with water still clinging to the leaves.
She spends the better part of an hour in an old-fashioned bathing suit, clinging to a rope, staring into space.
The body-clinging cuts from spring have loosened up.
The legs are adapted for clinging to the host's hair.
She did not recall whether the bat had been clinging directly to the patient's skin or to a shirt he may have been wearing.
There is always a clinging to the land of one's birth.
Archer sat silent, with the sense of clinging to the edge of a sliding precipice.
We find it clinging to the lesser and weaker forms of literature.
Even the bacteria normally clinging to their surfaces grow faster.
If there is, perhaps it is the fault of the various churches, for clinging to dogma that is so obviously anti-reality.
These species are painted as either relics desperately clinging onto existence, or great survivors triumphing against the odds.
As his videotape showed, the problem was to manipulate parts that tended to fight back, leaping or clinging unpredictably.
Those clinging to the vaccine-autism link do so out of emotion, not intelligence.
Nobody is clinging to old hypotheses in the face of new evidence.
They would crawl under the tour buses in order to illegally enter, clinging to the bottom.
Your followup shows you're clinging to this absurd conspiracy theory.
So some are clinging to the one piece of news that can be spun.
Weary figures in muddy ponchos and heavy boots slide and stagger through the mud, clinging to each other for support.
Your reviewer, whoever he is, is apparently clinging to a theory which is no longer valid for our country.

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