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Quick facts and care essentials on climbing roses.
Make your own elegant tower for your favorite climbing plants.
Grow it as a large shrub, which is easy with summer pruning, or as a climbing rose.
Give climbing roses a few years to develop long, flexible canes.
Decorative trellises dotting the garden are home to climbing roses, clematis, and sweet peas.
He who let go his hold after climbing a tree, and he who borrowed money to lend came to grief.
The snail had now considered every possible method of reaching his goal without going round the dead leaf or climbing over it.
It is almost pathetic to see them labor so, climbing the mountain and unwittingly guiding us to their treasures.
Be that as it may, and however one feels about accuracy, the business of mountain climbing is excitingly visioned all the way.
That's because colugos prepare for a launch by climbing higher up the tree.
Despite our good intentions, obesity rates keep climbing.
And many, although clearly not all, in the developing world are climbing the ladder of better living.
It appears that geckos take this approach when climbing a vertical surface.
For two years, patients continually evaluated their knee pain, while doctors examined their walking and stair-climbing abilities.
Another participant who dreamed of climbing a ladder shifted his gaze up and down repeatedly to check his progress.
And as more people live longer after their initial diagnosis, the costs of treatment are projected to keep climbing.
His hobbies include building guitars, mountain climbing, and scuba diving.
Another participant who dreamt of climbing a ladder shifted his gaze up and down repeatedly to check his progress.
The periodic population explosions and crashes allow for non hill climbing exploration of the search space.
Photographing while climbing in bone-chilling cold is a challenge.
The dancers wear standard climbing harnesses and use specialized climbing equipment to get up and down the ropes.
The real adventurous can try the climbing wall located inside the complex.
Plugging the culvert allows them to swim across the road instead of climbing out and walking across.
And a country climbing out of a recession could surely use that money elsewhere.
Arts venues are still a long way from matching climbing walls in terms of attracting students.
No wonder those who struggle to increase student participation in these disciplines are climbing such a steep mountain.
The climbing default rate alone should be an indication that in general the student loan system is unsustainable.
The owners escaped the fire by climbing the stairs to the roof and then over to the building next door.
Food prices, on the other hand, have been climbing steadily.
But in these environmentally conscious times it has been climbing the rankings.
Yet demand for them has been climbing and prices have soared.
Alone, she would secretly practise the things she was afraid of doing-climbing trees, going high on swings.
The costs of both fund-management talent and office space are climbing.
Firstly, more senior managers are shunning retirement, which makes climbing the ranks within a company tougher.
It is now climbing inexorably again as the boomers retire.
Rice prices are climbing especially fast, as several rice-producing countries have restricted exports, fearing domestic shortages.
The route to higher rewards was to move up the pyramid by climbing the corporate ladder.
Thus you can pretend you're climbing hills on flat ground, or that you're battling a headwind on a calm day.
So far, wall-climbing projects have yielded scampering robots, but haven't mimicked the results in humans.
Indoor rock climbing allows you to enjoy the challenges of this popular sport no matter the time of year or weather.
Rock climbing gives children the opportunity to burn off energy, build muscle strength and develop their confidence.
Ice climbing is similar to rock climbing, except that you climb frozen waterfalls.
Ice climbing involves using picks and ropes to ascend frozen waterfalls and glaciers.
The small size of the range belies the number of climbing challenges it possesses.
Choose your starting point so that your automobile does a good portion of the climbing.
The area is famous for its traditional-style crack, slab and steep-face climbing.
And cotton futures are still climbing in a bubble market that has yet to collapse.
He has a posh pad, a new car and trendy holidays such as a weekend of rock climbing.
Even so, the birth rate is climbing far faster than the state can create jobs.
His social climbing, which looks so repellent and calculated, was inspired by the conviction that there was no way back.
Here is the star at its peak, neither climbing nor descending.
At rehearsal, she's climbing up the cake and has on this wedding thing with nothing else on underneath.
It was not about social climbing or social connections.
They would go skiing and mountain climbing together.
The girlfriends yawn in the background, climbing up the stairs.
Somewhere along the path, climbing the hill behind his house with the dog following, he takes my hand.
For me, in my life, rock climbing changed my life from that perspective.
When you're climbing regularly this awareness carries over into the rest of your life.
His chief recreational outlets were riding, climbing, and walking.
Because of football playoffs, the price of chicken wings is climbing.
College costs are climbing, and reformers from left and right are seeking cost-cutting ideas.
Sport utility vehicles cruise by full of camping and fishing and rock-climbing gear.
Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts, that is something on which to pride yourself.
As the angle increased, many who had found their way to the stairs realized that they lacked the arm strength to keep climbing.
Nothing to be skipped over in the name of some misguided intellectual social-climbing.
There is no way to get home from any low-lying port or resort without climbing.
Weak home sales and continuing foreclosures result in climbing real estate inventory.
There are signs of progress: the number of housing groups that have each produced more than a hundred units is climbing.
On our side of it is a small playground with a slide, a climbing structure, swings.
Now she and her husband were sitting across the courtyard, under a climbing rose tree.
Tiny brown ants are climbing up a stalk of goldenrod.
Trading volume on the major exchanges is climbing, while the merger market is booming.
They could reach it fairly easily, by climbing over a pile of rubble.
He pulls to the side of the road and gets out, climbing a hill up to a field of new-mown hay.
Others have suggested that they were used for climbing onto larger prey.
The muscle acts as a hip extensor, pulling the hip backward, and provides good alignment for tree climbing.
The bottom end is stationary because it's falling and climbing at the same acceleration, resulting in a zero vector.
Ants and other creatures cannot seem to resist climbing in for a swim.
At some nadir in the depth, the glider would then change its buoyancy and start climbing again.
Please see climbing wall schedule for supervised and unsupervised open climb times.
Park has granite rock formations and offers climbing and camping facilities.
Information on wilderness camping and climbing reservations.
Better machines propel the popularity of step climbing.
Climbing helps the orangutan adapt neatly to its arboreal environment.
And if you get high before climbing behind the wheel of a car, you will be putting yourself and those around you in danger.
Apes have longer fingers and shorter thumbs than humans, which is the arrangement needed for tree-climbing.

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