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Example sentences for climber

The dog was a climber once, but now his ascent of the stairway was labored and slow.
Years ago, my father had a new co-worker who was an avid mountain climber.
He is an avid hiker and rock climber who has scaled several noted peaks.
Even if you aren't a climber, you still might find a headlamp useful.
By any name, this rambunctious climber with lacy green foliage is an exceptional beauty in bloom.
The newest generation of the step climber, one that uses air instead of hydraulics for resistance, will be available soon.
If you are a climber, try your hand at scaling them.
However, you don't have to be a climber to enjoy the mountains.
Beginners are discouraged from climbing without the aid of an experienced climber.
He has been really scared this whole time on this cliff because he's not a climber.
Now instead of a rich and thin social climber, she's a poor and dumpy social climber.
If you're reading on the stair climber, you're probably not exerting enough energy.
Most of the routes in the gorge favor the advanced and expert climber.
The climber would use the system by alternately attaching to the ladder rungs during the climb up or down.
It only takes one instance of a bear obtaining food from a climber to cause a problem-don't be the one who makes this mistake.
It is the individual climber's responsibility to insure that the guide chosen is one of the six authorized guide services.
The climber would rappel down the face to the bottom of the climb and tie into their end.
The platform is large enough for the climber to step to the side of the ladder before closing the cover.
The other two cables of this three-climber also showed significant signs of wear.

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