climatology in a sentence

Example sentences for climatology

My parents are both professors, one in biology and the other in climatology.
It is also frankly insulting to the reasoned approach these persons have taken with regard to climatology.
Must be too many fossils in the anthropology department, or too many journalists studying climatology.
Climatology has always been a fluid science of high complexity, making any accurate prediction virtually impossible.
Most all the code and data is available for to reproduce climatology studies.
There's even enough money left over to fund studies of the social-economic-political effects of climatology expertise.
Perhaps the problem is because the science of climatology is hardly a science at all.
Two civil engineers published a deeply flawed electrical engineering paper in a journal for meteorology and climatology.
It would be a salutary event indeed were an influential organization to weigh in against pseudo-science in climatology.
In the field of climatology, there does appear to be a war on science.
Its a throw away line in virtually every climatology paper, even if the paper isn't even close to suggesting as such.
Climatology has developed and learnt more since that was first studied.
Climatology involves the study of the distribution of weather events in time and space.
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