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Some are tiptoeing uptown, opening with menus indicating that the restaurants believe their clientele will.
Our research is commissioned by a global clientele that includes government agencies, foundations, and private-sector firms.
And as the day wore on, it became apparent that much of the resort's clientele subsisted on such a diet.
Retailers and businesses looking to target certain demographic markets would add music to their product to fit their clientele.
Yet a few basic types will satisfy a diverse clientele.
Urban and suburban areas offer denser populations and more affluent clientele.
He says he was the first of his ilk in the county, a pioneer with a limited clientele.
We have candidates present a lecture oriented to our mostly undergraduate clientele.
The world's oldest profession is not going to go away, nor is the desire for anonymity among its clientele.
The dean is looking at the bottom line and hoping that you won't be driving away the clientele.
The firm sought to convey the impression that its clientele essentially remained the famous.
Other malls changed their clientele without adjusting their look.
Serving high-end kosher food seems a sure way to attract a dedicated clientele.
The art remains in place until it falls off the walls or is stolen by the inebriated clientele.
The daily plate lunches are what keep the loyal clientele coming back to this popular diner.
Online courses depends upon the clientele, ie, students.
So a significant amount of our student clientele is not, in fact, ready for such a move.
If you're staying in a posh hotel with an expat clientele, chances are pretty good the hotel restaurant is using clean water.
Along with the food and the atmosphere, the restaurant's clientele has helped to make it a success.
The talk was all of a coming confrontation with the colossus to the north, and its local octopus clientele.
In the old days, the clientele included spies and secret police.
It's the type of restaurant that will lure a younger clientele into the hotel, he says.
Their ability to serve their clientele and carry out their mission is dependent upon data on their clients' needs.
As a result of these efforts, clientele learning occurred and clientele behaviors were changed.
The mission of the librarian is to provide timely and relevant information to the clientele.
In addition the awareness of natural resource issues by urban clientele is critical for support of natural resource management.
Agency clientele are encouraged to participate in the various stages of the review process established under b, above.

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