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The recipe for this easy dessert cleverly uses pancake mix to make the top of the cobbler.
Nursery pots and planting paraphernalia stay put in these cleverly constructed garden shelves.
University administration and teaching are cozy careers in which the inner-sanctum is made cleverly untouchable.
Explore biodiversity at work in the forest and through cleverly drawn parallels with everyday life.
He had cleverly modified a natural object to adapt it to a specific use.
In the opening act, he cleverly creates interest and suspense.
Cross-examined, they admitted that it might be the prisoner's hand-writing cleverly counterfeited.
Then he hid himself so cleverly that the devil could not have found him.
The little fellows skulk and dodge through the crooked stems so cleverly that it is almost impossible to catch them.
No matter how cleverly prepared, fat-free foods never seem satisfying.
They routinely spit water at their caretakers, cleverly varying the pattern to confuse them.
These cleverly crafted little beasts have miraculous mathematical properties.
The other candidate who did win sings the same song but cleverly uses different lyrics that makes him sound less mad.
The material reality of the concerto is a cleverly arranged sequence of acoustic vibrations.
They cleverly exploit both human and technical weaknesses.
But he also felt that he had to perform it as cleverly as he could in order to please his father.
The people running his campaign are cleverly milking his outsider image.
They're also trying quite clearly and cleverly to wring customers dry for billions of dollars.
Cleverly written and packed with wit, these books lure readers in with their whimsical characters and playful plots.
At the end of the episode, she cleverly decides to stash it in her vanishing cream.
Everyone looks so happy, an emotion the artist has cleverly reinforced by adding balloons and doves to the scene.
The grey squirrel, for example, cleverly builds false caches to discourage others from raiding its acorns.
Cleverly, they also show the average amount paid, split by operating system.
Social games have also become extraordinarily popular because they cleverly exploit those relationships.
It has also got bills approved by cleverly exploiting the opposition's divisions and picking off factions within it.
Each of these activities is cleverly turned into a matching game, whether of shapes or colors or pictures.
The same illusion can be pulled off by cleverly photographing a carefully built sculpture.
But it must often be nudged along by cleverly crafted government incentives.
Cleverly, the battery life indicator has been moved to the side of the machines, so that you might actually use it.
Any system that relies on a single device, however cleverly encrypted, is a less secure system.
Nuclear bombs cleverly concealed in suitcases don't exist in real life.
It was a highly sophisticated and cleverly orchestrated crime plot.
At bedtime, the little gorilla cleverly grabs the zookeeper's keys and frees a parade of animals to follow the keeper home to bed.
To add this requested motif, he cleverly sewed about an inch of extra fabric to the canvas at the far right.
Correctional officers mistake cleverly disguised suicide attempts as normal behavior.
Some percussion breechloaders were cleverly converted to fire modern cartridges with internal ignition.
Information is creatively written and cleverly presented.
It's as cleverly plotted and surprising as the original and even more cleverly narrated.
Smiling is a critical and cleverly timed part of this phase.
Another cleverly designed boxed-wine innovation is the use of wood to replace cardboard boxes.
But the unions have cleverly begun to defend what they call the right of collective bargaining.
But of course, the real reality was how each image was cleverly manipulated to seem authentic, genuine.
Some are cleverly marketing videos that feature best-loved scenes and character histories.

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