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They are not everywhere yet, but the new devices handle virtually all of the manual transactions once performed by the clerk.
Paralegals are essentially a fancy combination of a legal secretary and a filing clerk.
She has already gone part-time as an accounts clerk.
When it came time to find a hotel, my friends asked the desk clerk for one room.
Do students need some calculation, of course, but the example of the clerk who can t make change is old and uninformative.
Now he was moving to work as a clerk in his father's leather-goods store.
In other words, get ready for the sales clerk to offer you yet another option along with the useless extended warranty.
The checkout clerk with neon blue hair didn't know the difference.
At a hotel nearby, the desk clerk said he would hear the engine when it came.
Imagine entering an empty department store alone, with no clerk in sight to help you find what you want or answer your questions.
Because the clerk knows whether there's excess inventory, and if they can sell it, they will.
They pulled out photos of their loved ones to show the clerk and entered extensive conversations right then and there.
The clerk showed him the gun, and he handled the pistol grip admiringly.
It would work even if there were no clerk present, for instance at a vending machine.
If you choose to try those, discuss how often to give them with the store clerk.
Two weeks before your trial, request a continuance from the court clerk.
If a clerk enters a patient's name incorrectly during the intake, he could be linked to the wrong case history.
Hereabouts, snapping at a slow checkout clerk might suffice.
So, you'll have to call the clerk and make sure you've got them all.
It was no small railway clerk who dealt directly on the highest level with foreign governments.
Try explaining the situation to a clerk in the business office, and you'll know why he's so annoyed.
Then the clerk took him to the other side of security, hoping that someone might be awaiting him in the baggage claim.
The desk clerk tells me she'll know in about ten minutes if there's going to be a cancellation.
While holding a gun aimed at the clerk, he apparently tells the clerk to give him money.
Provide the reservation clerk with your credit card information.
He was also, for many years of the time, town clerk.
In many great works, almost the whole labour of this kind is committed to some principal clerk.
At the hour of dinner, the abbot sent a clerk to seek for him.
If they were smart, they go ask a convinces clerk, what they were seeing.
From the fattest minister to the humblest clerk, anyone with power tried to turn it into cash.
Outsourcing has its place but sometime you need an advocate, not a clerk in a foreign country.
He was employed as a clerk there for thirteen years, rising to chief clerk, and was considered a model employee.

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