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Sawtooth roofs are essentially as series of clerestory windows, or sloped roof monitors, facing the same direction.
Clerestory windows bring natural light into the high-ceilinged lobby.
Karin then described the clerestory windows at the tops of the walls.
Clerestory windows gather north light and transmit it into living area.
Large expanses of glazing were minimized on the south and west facades, and clerestory windows were oriented to the north.
The dayrooms have a raised, sloping ceiling and clerestory area.
Windows in the clerestory provide natural light into the dayrooms and, through transoms, into each bedroom.
The open-plan offices are in areas that are drenched with natural lighting provided by clerestory windows in the roof.
All four elevations of the clerestory contain a continuous ribbon of windows.
Clerestory roofs and add-on sections of expandable manufactured homes shall have provisions for vertical ties at the exposed ends.
The architects also planned for a clerestory to infuse additional light to the interior.
The gable roof of the body of the mill is broken on both sides of the ridge by a range of clerestory windows.
The structure is without clerestory and side aisles.
Clerestory windows, common in hallways, increase the potential for injury from flying missiles and weaken the walls.
Clerestory windows and skylights help bring in daylight.
Where permitted by height restrictions, clerestory windows at the top floor allow additional natural light.
Opened clerestory windows promote the stack effect throughout the house to exhaust hot air and bring in cool outdoor air at night.
Gable ends are finished with vertical log slabs as are the sections of wall between the clerestory windows above the entrance.
Clerestory windows provide natural daylighting to open bay offices open bay offices.
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