clench in a sentence

Example sentences for clench

Otherwise, any hand offered will be in the form of clench fists.
So the next time you're faced with a choice that takes self-control, clench your fist or firm that bicep.
The problem with traditional frosting decoration is that it requires you to clench a little tube, which everyone hates.
Some people shut their eyes or clench the arms of their chair when they are watching a horror movie.
Their friends may give them strange looks, so teach them to clench their fists and furrow their brow to sell it.
Afterward, slipping on the spilled water can be great for a whole-body clench.
She is not sure how long she sits under the glare of the overhead light, how long her hands clench themselves in her lap.
He might suddenly stop smiling and clench his long hands, and offer himself up to martyrdom for an idea.
On one side, the familiar letterhead that caused her teeth to clench.
Many of us clench the jaw as a reaction to tension without realizing it.
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