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Unless their present importance and limitations be clearly apprehended, their future development cannot be apprehended.
Clearly his reserve, his irony and detachment, his wariness of emotional entanglements.
His face hasn't changed much, although it is clearly yielding to gravity.
Clearly, baseball commentators will now share data about what percentage of fans' blood pressure went up after a particular play.
They follow the true science that speaks so clearly.
The ability to attract positive attention-that's key-and to communicate clearly an interesting idea about a product or service.
Perhaps you should read it again, because you have clearly failed to understand the principle behind it.
Clearly this list could go on and on, and your list will be different from mine.
When an emergency arises, you may be injured or stressed and unable to think clearly.
But it is clearly demarcated as having been done, since the point is to demonstrate feasibility.
The candidate has clearly never had anyone vet his or her job talk.
Make sure that they have everything they need to write a letter for you, and that you identify the deadline clearly.
Clearly this is setting the stage for a literary revolution.
Speak clearly and do not speak too long in response to a question.
Clearly, implementation of such a plan would depend on the conditions of the economy.
There was talk here of closing a unit, it was saved because it was clearly part of the plan.
Anyone who compares them will clearly see they are entirely different publishers.
It may well be that this is not scientific but it allows us to think more clearly about those complex phenomena.
If prices drop because of new supply or innovation, that's clearly good.
Some companies pay no dividends at all, but clearly their shares have some value.
The looks of the former are clearly different from those of the latter.
Clearly they did something, or they wouldn't be apologizing.
Clearly negative nominal rates are out of the question.
The rich world's woes have clearly hastened the shift in global economic power towards the emerging markets.
Such lending growth, if continued for the whole year, would clearly be unsustainable.
As for monetary policy frameworks, they clearly need a serious rethink.
The government has not kept its promise to build more low-cost housing, and it is clearly worried about rising prices.
Criminals are clearly sensitive to the gyrations of the global economy.
Propaganda apparatchiks clearly wanted it eradicated.
Health is an area where the trilemma clearly applies.
But the use of fossil fuels was clearly vital in driving a step change in rates of economic and population growth.
But that contradicts growing evidence that decision-making draws on the emotions-even when reason is clearly involved.
Nothing illuminates this more clearly than health care.
But there is another subject for which many left of center people clearly ignore the science.
Why this is so is a mystery, for it is clearly not what psychology predicts.
Clearly, there are other pesticides at work, and finding what they are is the next task.
Clearly something dramatic has happened to the news business.
Clearly, the new financial system is still vulnerable to the kind of credit crunch that has been seen through the ages.
Diplomatic recognition is clearly not much guide to real life.
The police clearly worry that if they scale back their deployments people will converge at the appointed places.
Khan is clearly helping students master difficult and vital subjects.
Humans and many primates clearly recognize individual voices, a capacity considered fundamental for rich social lives.
They are clearly aware that their software is legally contentious, as it's mentioned on their site.
Clearly, the map is useful to searchers, who'd much rather see a map than a link to one.
Clearly bright and imaginative, he has no friends his own age.
Cirrostratus clouds are so thin that the sun and moon can be seen clearly through the cloud.
Few questions are more important than these, so it is important to answer them clearly and with enthusiasm.
Aldrin is seen in the shadow of the lander, yet he is clearly visible.
The images clearly show the side-by-side smoke stacks and the metal walking beam that provided power to the paddle wheels.
It should clearly identify examples from the activity and discuss how each is directly a reflection of the culture.
The map should clearly show the city and its suburbs.
Tell students that the world is divided into regions that aren't always clearly defined.
The air-filled sacs show up clearly in the echo images because they have a different density than the surrounding flesh and water.
Your phone number will be clearly marked on the packaging.
The earthquake's cause remained a mystery because the tectonic activity of the region was not clearly understood.
Be sure to clearly label that this account is fiction based on the true story of your interviewee.
They were clearly a team-and because of their work, the notion that animals can think is no longer so fanciful.
Clearly, the photographer has commanded its attention.
The drawings can be seen clearly from the sky, but not from the ground.
Your reward will be powerful photos that clearly illustrate the story of your adventures.
Pneumonia in his right lung can be seen as clearly as the pacemaker implanted to regulate the rhythm of his heart.
Often, the music is not clearly one time signature or the other but rather a beautifully ambiguous combination of the two.
Clearly, the gals must not be too concerned about economic equality.
Enunciation means the articulation of whatever you have to say distinctly and clearly.
In so far as it is articulated it is also a motor system, but the motor aspect of speech is clearly secondary to the auditory.
We can clearly discern this in the case of animals with simple habits.
But in nothing did they display their marvellous energy so clearly as in the task of translation.
And, in the latter case, the author does not see the difficulties so clearly.
The latter element clearly defines, or rather helps to define, statement as contrasted with command.
We understand more clearly now that what is effective and beautiful in one language is a vice in another.
Clearly it demands great readjustments of our social, economical and political methods.
He feels this clearly enough himself in the indignation he shows, too late and in vain, against the publication of my books.
Society, in dealing with the feminine spirit, has its choice of clearly defined alternatives.
Raising salaries in certain disciplines would clearly help.
Even if mom never sings or listens to the stereo, the music of her speech rings clearly to the unborn.
Clearly, if some processes require heat, others must give off heat when they take place.
This, they say, offers clearly identifiable patterns.
These regions clearly prone to water shortage, as they are clearly desert regions on the planet of one form or another.
For some blood types, evolution and environmental selective pressures are clearly important for their persistence.
Such heated remains would be more clearly linked to humans when found in caves.
So it behooves each partner to clearly understand the real reason behind their behavior.
But scientists understand pretty clearly what kinds of questions are scientific questions.
Clearly, the time seems right to reconsider the future of nuclear power.
But there is clearly an attempt to keep the details of the accident hidden from public view.
Yes, his works are clearly written and plausible, as all good fiction must be clearly written and plausible.
Clearly, the winners realized that they'd been fortunate.
We have clearly reached a new point in the history of text production.
Tobin has a talent for writing but clearly not for living.
Clearly, the financial health of the state is in crisis.
Though clearly unhinged by grief, his natural eloquence never falters, and his still-resonant voice shines through these entries.
From this angle, you can clearly see the heat-seeking pits on the lower jaw.
Most attendees came with their partners, clearly on the way to the reception.
Its rings are clearly visible through even a modest telescope.
Since that day, she has not spoken or clearly responded in any way.
The small dome is now clearly a tiny meteorite impact crater.
Some of our ancestors are clearly inferior to us, with smaller brains and apelike countenances.
Clearly it is an alien craft breaking up in our atmosphere after the alien used its ship to deflect a meteor heading our way.
Big enough to have a thick nitrogen atmosphere, clearly visible in this picture.
But the image taken on his side showed a dark, crescent-shaped shadow of air that clearly was not in the intestines.
It is clearly distinct from the sphere because you cannot deform a torus into a sphere no matter how you twist it.
The data used in the post is clearly not reflective of the main population.
But it demonstrates clearly, the formal approach in theoretical physics reached its technical limits.
These guys are clearly studying a parameter space displaying a rich variety of patters.
Cartels that form by collusion are illegal and clearly not in the interests of the general population.
Clearly, many of these antiparticles must be annihilated when they meet particles of ordinary matter.
But this particular trick has eluded chemists, an omission that clearly irks.
But clearly the company is also responding to the less-than-humming hydrogen-energy business climate.
Although galactic in scale, it is clearly not a galaxy because it does not contain any stars.
And it clearly has implications for the study of other complex structures that ants create, such as their nests.
Various economists argue that the efficiency of a market ought to be clearly evident in the returns it produces.
The chemotherapy can impair their ability to focus and think clearly.
Clearly, this is a game that can produce extremely rich behaviour.
Everything that can go wrong in such a project is clearly illustrated.
Clearly the exploit is effecting something or you wouldnt be exploiting it, so by definition it is effective.
Clearly the goal of these systems is to reduce customer service costs.
It's clearly a family home, with photographs of the children everywhere-quirky and cool without being pretentious.
It's clearly not the corruption of their political system.
But enough are there already, with lines between them, for a shape to have clearly emerged.
He had no copy of the speech to show me, but he recalled each point clearly.
After months of living in the hotel, she was clearly restless.
Also clearly oversize by a costume designer to make her look even more childlike.
They were in regular phone contact and clearly missing one another.
The impact of aids on fashion itself can't be measured in a literal way, but it clearly affected creativity as well as business.
The room was dim, and the people were glimpsed rather than clearly seen.
However, ants clearly are fundamentally different from us.
Being a marine painter-showing harbor life, particular ships, naval battles-clearly held the deepest claim on him.
With her flair for mimicry, the actress is clearly aware of such nuances, and many of her line readings here are hilarious.
Clearly there are two types of time, real and staged.
To state the matter more clearly, they are not held to account for their opinions.
If acronyms and abbreviations must be used, ensure that they are clearly understood by typical users and defined on the page.
Please print clearly if you are not submitting this form electronically.
Clearly, real estate is much better than stocks right now.
The scars are clearly visible on the town's streets, riddled with closed shops and restaurants.

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