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The scorched area they're studying was struck by lightning a year ago, clearing the hillside of juniper and sagebrush.
They weren't on my head, but on the desk, and cranked up loud enough to hear my interviewers clearing.
We keep walking, and soon the sunlight stabbing through the trees signals a clearing.
At night great rings of land-clearing fires burned above the lake.
Indeed, the city is growing not by clearing old buildings, but by reclaiming new land from the sea.
Three egg-shells are sufficient to effect clearing where one cup of ground coffee is used.
The shell performs no office in clearing except for the albumen which clings to it.
The whole camp was collected before a rude cabin on the outer edge of the clearing.
In a windswept, snow-dusted forest clearing, three siblings bury their eight-month-old brother.
He kept clearing his throat, as he always did when he was upset.
At the same time, to ban all paper-based advertising posters that do the same thing, to avoid forest clearing.
The underwater robots are also clearing pieces of pipe and other debris from the site where the box will sit.
Instead of clearing the water, you've only muddied it.
Even the experience of clearing it by natural absorbents was horrible.
That's much cheaper than actually clearing the junk.
The limit will likely be cookie-based, so simply clearing your cookies or changing browsers will help.
Being on the frontier required doing rather than imagining: clearing land, building shelter, obtaining food supplies.
Then, hundreds of roosters that scratch between clapboard houses on both sides of the river start clearing their throats.
At last she was safe through the fence and risen up out in the clearing.
He's several hundred yards away in a clearing, commanding attention from more subservient members of his clan.
Only if you interpret the clearing the orbit requirement at a pedantic level.
Try clearing all cookies and rebooting your aux brain.
Thank you for clearing up those muddy waters where a lot of nonsense speculation is sold as proper philosophical inquiry.
Better access provided by all-weather roads will precipitate a frenzy of land clearing and speculation.
We went for five days without seeing a house or a clearing.
Eliminate enough of that rain through clearing, and the remaining trees dry out and die.
Clearing vegetation to create firebreaks starves a fire of fuel and can help slow or contain it.
The ridges can linger in a region for several days, warming the air and clearing away clouds.
Inside the clearing stood ceremonial platforms that looked down upon ancient ball courts.
But miraculously, he was able to maneuver the plane for a crash landing in a clearing of scrub and brush.
But cocaine's environmental destruction and energy use does not end with farmers clearing pristine land for coca plants.
To make the ship less top heavy, the pirates probably leveled the upper deck by clearing off cabins and other structures.
Snow will turn increasingly to rain on lower ground, before clearing from the west by evening.
But this amounts to polite throat-clearing compared with the outrage on the other side of the pond.
Some growers are clearing forested hillsides, something they once did to plant tea.
These findings support the theory that sleep is clearing the brain's short-term memory and making way for new information.
It is responsible for matters such as clearing the streets of illegal pedlars and supervising house demolitions.
These findings suggest that sleep is clearing the brain's short-term memory and making way for new information.
Many derivatives contracts will be brought into the light by being put through clearing houses and exchanges.
Lagging housing supply may be due, in part, to constraints on new construction that prevent housing markets from clearing.
The stations' operators act as clearing houses for text messages, reading important ones over the air for everyone to hear.
Instead of indirect censorship through publishers, there would be a government clearing house.
Keep your home free of potential mosquito-breeding grounds by clearing out any stagnant-water containers such as used tires.
Busy with a television crew clearing out of his office, he handed it to me to answer, but asked me not to confirm the closure yet.
The smaller clearing agencies are examined on a two- or three-year cycle, depending on resources.

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