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They say the clearance beneath the tracks often varies from that posted on the signs, sometimes by as much as an inch.
US citizen with an active security clearance at a secret level or eligibility to obtain one.
But since customs officers now actually check the paperwork, clearance takes up to three times longer.
Clearance items and overstocks in all of our departments.
The main danger for these animals is animal clearance and the residents in the area of mission beach.
The wraparound counter of a corner work center combines good design and wheelchair clearance.
Or wait until they show up in some dime-store clearance sale.
It may also be used as part of the creatinine clearance test.
Keep in mind that research involving humans involves a strict clearance process, which takes time.
Nobody without security clearance was allowed within three kilometres of the conference venue.
Its graceful high arc provides easy clearance for pot filling or cleaning large items.
With hoards of smarts comes full clearance to a number of otherwise restricted activities.
City officials are also concerned that the building does not provide enough clearance for some types of vehicles.
And, after receiving clearance from the regulators, here they are.
Eventually, a manager put in a phone call and gave me clearance.
The community college he attended told him not to come back without a mental health clearance.
Many of its stores are now shedding inventory in clearance sales.
After an enforced wait of two days, clearance to proceed came down from on high.
The janitors have secret clearance and can not talk about where they work.
He asked for takeoff clearance and was told to stand by.
His promotion would have given him an even higher security clearance.
The sale must receive regulatory clearance and legal approval.
But some improvements are under way, including online tax filing and faster customs clearance.
There may not be adequate clearance between the skin and the skull to do the push and pull method.
No pilot who was afraid of legal repercussions would have dared enter it without a clearance.
It is always best to submit a request for clearance.
In chimpanzees, the clearance rate is about three times higher.
The president shouldn't even be able to keep his security clearance.
But when the clearance was over, the people returned.
To avoid such friction, sensors in the cars will measure clearance.
There may also have been clearance issues with the open cavity door to the primary mirror, were the door to be made bigger.

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