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Example sentences for cleanup

We'd usually give the kids some jobs, setting the table or helping with cleanup.
Roasting all the ingredients of this meal together guarantees rich flavor and makes for easy cleanup.
Do a thorough fall cleanup and remove all debris from the ground below trees.
And there's no cleanup: the cartridges miraculously disappear.
Some database cleanup issues may be uncovered during this process.
For better or for worse, actual lab preparation and cleanup are all part of the learning.
She responded to say that she hadn't gone to the fire but was at the station as backup and to help with post-fire cleanup.
The total cleanup cost to the taxpayers, in today's dollars, was nearly two hundred billion.
The same cooling and cleanup operations must happen.
With little to salvage, authorities say that cleanup is now the main task at hand.
It goes back to when the major superfund monies were allocated to pay for cleanup where nobody was around to collect from.
With so little data available, the panel wasn't able to determine if the city still required cleanup or not.
Hence, a private organization does the cleanup and damage control.
What about volunteer cleanup before this gets any worse and something other than plastic or even less plastic in our lives.
When it finally did bestir itself to action, the company mounted what was then the costliest oil-spill cleanup effort in history.
For victims of cyber-slurs, cleanup doesn't necessarily mean removing bad press.
On the other hand, my trimmer has a built-in vacuum cleaner which minimizes cleanup.
The government simply contained it, since cleanup would cost too much.
All parts except the electric base are dishwasher-safe, making for easy cleanup.
It's unlikely to happen, because in the end, they'll always need us to do the cleanup.
Almost daily foreign teams visited the coast to survey the damage and prescribe cleanup procedures, but little action followed.
Soon a team of government agents appeared to direct a complete cleanup-and cover-up-operation.
The nuclear crisis adds to a day of chaos and cleanup for the country.
The toughest part of having a debt party is the cleanup in the morning, especially with a hangover.
But even if you want to pre-pay oil spill cleanup, tax the rigs, not the oil.
The real power comes from market punishment, mostly through lenders and landlords demanding more indemnity, more cleanup.
Scientists developing cleanup strategies have looked to the microbes that thrive in the wake of such spills as one solution.
So far, effective and affordable cleanup technologies have remained out of reach.
In some cases, the renewable energy installation even powers equipment needed for site cleanup.
Our planet's littered orbital environs urgently need a concerted cleanup effort.
There are no immediate cleanup tactics, because there is nothing practical that can be done about it.
The total cleanup is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It turned out that ash from a forest fire had coated them, and the company sent out cleanup crews.
Today, a spill of that size would trigger an evacuation of the school and a local hazmat team for cleanup.
Trailing oil-absorbing booms, the drones could sail even in a storm to help with cleanup, unlike human-crewed ships.
To avoid a potentially nasty cleanup, students are deprived of food for four hours before entering the experimental chamber.
Such membranes could prove useful in seawater desalination, environmental cleanup and other tasks involving molecular separations.
By the way, if any idea of mine is successful, please send your money to the cleanup efforts.
However, if the need is sufficient, it may worth developing a desalinization and cleanup process.
He decomposed in there for an awful long time, and there was nothing easy about that cleanup, because he'd been there a month.
For working parents, homework is the third shift, after the office and after cooking and cleanup chores.
Make a difference in your neighborhood by planning a community cleanup event.
For many contaminated sites, cleanup programs have already been established.
Local workers are being hired to do yard cleanup work.
Storm and flood cleanup activities can be hazardous.
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