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Use green cleaning products in all university buildings, and reduce the use of chemicals in cleaning and maintenance.
At my last dental cleaning, the hygienist told me that my gums were in good shape, but that the x-rays indicated some bone loss.
And don't stiff the secretaries and cleaning staff during the holidays.
You'll probably need to do several cleaning cycles with various products.
Your best bet is to turn it off, leave the door open, and give it a thorough cleaning.
Never use cleaning solvents or detergents on your snorkel gear.
If you're keeping the day's catch, leave the cleaning to an experienced angler.
Judge has his day in court over dry cleaning lawsuit.
Room service is available and the hotel offers a dry cleaning service.
During hunting season, the hotel provides a bird-cleaning station outside the hotel.
Interview and hire a good, professional cleaning service.
The automotive industry has never been known for taking the initiative in cleaning up the environment.
Cleaning your gutters now and then is the best environmental option and may preclude any need for replacement.
Now scientists can add another impressive characteristic to the list: setae are self-cleaning.
Handling it with caution, add drops of the bleach cleaning product until you see the solution change color.
Cleaning the panels conventionally uses precious water.
Which is important for lubricating and cleaning the eye.
As winter retreats northward across the nation, gardeners are cleaning tools and turning attention to spring planting.
It will help provide hot water for cleaning subways cars as well as for wash-up facilities used by the employees.
We should be cleaning up and recycling all of it's pollutants.
My husband recalls using a chemical in the dairy house for cleaning, with the word chromium in it.
Found your article by cleaning up my own pile of unread magazines.
Apart from engineering workshops, perc is the primary solvent used by the dry-cleaning industry.
Larger batches can double as an effective cleaning agent.
Dollar stores sell everything from sweets and toys to linens and household cleaning products.
The only better business in town these days, he says, is cleaning up crime scenes.
Parents expect more too-even a spot of cleaning while the children are at school.
Councils and transport companies, who do much of the cleaning up, complain that costs are spiralling upwards.
The foundation has already put up prizes in areas as diverse as cleaning up oil spills and landing a robot on the moon.
Around the corner from the market, a small dry-cleaning firm lets customers pay for laundry using their phones.
Smart paints which use a self-cleaning principle borrowed from lotus leaves are now being tested.
Companies have been issuing convertibles to make it look as though they were cleaning up their balance sheets.
Alluvial matter made in the form of a brick, and used for cleaning knives and polishing metals.
Every evening is spent in cleaning guns, rummaging for unprepossessing treasures of shooting and fishing equipment.
The settling of stationing cleaning is one way not to shatter scatter and scattering.
Fish are cleaned and dressed at market as ordered, but need additional cleaning before cooking.
And all the day long she has been washing, cleaning, mending.
Materials throughout this house were chosen carefully to maximize light, durability, and ease of cleaning.
Cleaning fresh corn and separating the kernels from the cob is easy.
Hot soapy water in a bucket for cleaning slippery hands while bottling.
The bees nearest to the spill clustered around, cleaning the top bars madly.
Included in the price is ten years worth of cleaning, servicing and sharpening.
If you've got a disc that won't play, start with the simplest solution: give it a gentle, but thorough cleaning.
The retractable self-cleaning bidet wand is fully controllable.
Apparently this is better for your skin, but the real boon is that the shower does the cleaning for you.
Homemade cleansers have an advantage as healthy replacements for the toxic chemicals in commercial cleaning products.
Regular cleaning brightens the carpet and removes the stains.
Cleaning plastic water bottles with warm soapy water and allowing them to dry is essential to prevent bacteria growth.
Much of what wood floors require is inherently non-toxic because it doesn't involve any cleaning products.
Go green and switch from paper to rags when cleaning house.
Scientists have long praised the lotus leaf, better known as the water lily, for its water-resistant and self-cleaning properties.
Rinse out the sponge and replace it with an old toothbrush for the grout-only cleaning.
Make your own homemade cleaning solutions and store them inside the plastic containers.
The jays went nuts for this, cleaning me out in a matter of minutes with their repeated visits to that feeder.
The process to generate energy from coal involves mining the coal, then transporting, cleaning and burning it.
Most of our time is spent cleaning debris from camps where illegal fishermen have already come and gone.
One border crosser took cleaning to a whole new level-even washing some weeds.
We discovered that certain fish specialize in cleaning specific body parts.
Drip systems must be kept free of debris and require maintenance of pressure regulators, self-cleaning emitters and filters.
Obviously, his idea had value way beyond cleaning up graffiti.
They took before and after samples and he only washed via freezer cleaning.
The downtown was also packed-but now the victory celebrations were complemented by groups of people cleaning up.
Betty and he labor at cleaning up the rooming house filth and demolishing landlord and tenant additions.
Water for cleaning myself was provided in a plastic bottle.
He and his team of cleaners and handymen are responsible for cleaning, yes.
Cleaning the family's clothes meant first washing the guts of freshly butchered hogs in a frigid mountain stream to make lye soap.
He filled a cup with bottled water, told me it was for cleaning the needles as he changed color.
Staff members are constantly cleaning the quarters and spritzing the occupants.
As he began cleaning it, he listened for the start-up of the engines.
Cleaning up the environment exacted its costs through lost jobs, higher utility bills, and more expensive automobiles.
Anyway, now that we've been cleaning it, our former dwelling seems to have calmed down.
Jobs in low-skill service occupations such as food preparation, personal care, and house cleaning were also fairly stable.
There were rich families he knew who spent ten thousand a month on dry cleaning, although you might not believe it.
Sucrose is extracted from sugar beets and cane in a series of boiling, extracting, and cleaning steps.
By the time the sun had fully risen, the plaza was nearly empty and hazmat crews were cleaning the area.
When it comes to cleaning these birds, lots of people get turned off.
There were skeptics who thought that cleaning our water and our air would bankrupt our entire economy.
Under gentrification, the bookstores gave way to dry-cleaning joints and real-estate offices.
They ended up in a windowless room in the museum's textile department for cleaning and repair.
He has trained them to make resistors and plans to involve them in cleaning, agricultural and medical tasks.
Cleaning out a house can numb you to the bone, but there are always discoveries along the way.
Simply cleaning up soot could work wonders for the climate.
The mollusks and menhaden were the bay's filters, cleaning its waters of microscopic plants called phytoplankton.
As a result, she believes, the current methods for cleaning wastewater generated by fracking are woefully inadequate.
He complained about the crew's starting without him and insisted that it was his job to direct the cleaning.
They remove meth-making hardware and chemicals, and often hire professional cleaning companies to sanitize the house.
If the floor is dirtier, the mites weave more silk, confirming that this action is about cleaning as well as construction.
Anyway, inbreeding is a powerful way of cleaning the population from bad mutations and set the good ones.
Amazed at the compound's cleaning abilities, they pursued the science.
Although cells have built-in mechanisms for cleaning up free radicals, the oxidants ultimately get the upper hand.
Many scientists have mimicked the lotus's structure to create water-repellent, self-cleaning surfaces.
Cleaning up the underside of cars would also have benefits, for a lot of the same reasons.
Colin's riposte was always the same: for ten thousand dollars, they could have their floor-cleaning robot tomorrow.
Even without a chronic illness, common tasks, such as cleaning the house become more difficult for the elderly.
Technologies for cleaning up one of the cheapest and dirtiest sources of electricity--coal--are promising.
Solar panels will also require maintenance, cleaning, and replacement.
Cleaning it is three-fourths of the fun, and you can't say that about a hulking stand mixer.
Cleaning, handling and cooking snails is a job best done by professional restaurateurs.
Not cleaning one's plate can be brought into many facets of a lady's life.
The fortune-teller had heavily rouged cheeks and wore cheap perfume, and her raspberry-colored scarves needed cleaning.
The future of television news is cleaning the football.
They are cleaning the words, they are inventing the sentiments, they are giving us a way to communicate.
She divided us all up into cooking and cleaning crews.
The main sitting room had windows along one side that went from floor to ceiling, and they could be tilted open for cleaning.
All of a sudden cleaning your desk and alphabetizing your books sounds a lot more urgent.
He spent hours wandering around the base, cleaning and fretting.
She asked other moms if their kids reacted to any cleaning products.
Maybe you actually enjoy cleaning your contact lenses.
For cleaning, the company sells a specially designed brush and cleaning tablets.
So he spent years cleaning toilets, enduring beatings and public humiliation.
Wear a protective mask and clothing while cleaning up to minimize exposure.
Every hotel needs cleaning staff and someone to mind the beach umbrellas.
Perhaps you merely get your thrills cleaning house the cheapest, greenest way.
Resources for information on parts cleaning for general maintenance and repair activities.

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