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The cleanest expression is that which finds no sphere worthy of itself and makes one.
On these latter, you should obviously turn in the cleanest copy you're capable of producing.
Water pollution from shallow coal-bed methane production is muddying the reputation of the world's cleanest fossil fuel.
It also happens to be the cleanest diesel engine on the planet.
Both natural gas and propane are efficient to produce, and natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.
With its relatively mild climate, the city is rated as having some of the cleanest air in the country.
Once he confirms that we're all accounted for, he picks the cleanest line and nabs big air off an outcrop.
Cropping is the cleanest, easiest way to remove an element from your photo.
The bar is located in a funky area of the city and it is not the cleanest place in the world.
There shouldn't be any obvious stains, but these items may not be the cleanest, either.
Visualize where you want to go, taking the cleanest route.
It is, however, always worth saying that using less energy is probably the cleanest energy option out there.
So almost by definition, they must not have the cleanest credit histories.
Although a maximum of freedom is permitted, this is perhaps the cleanest and best regulated of public beaches.
And the cleanest way to avoid endless efforts by senators to spin musings into campaign promises is not to start musing.
Places with strong private property rights are also those places with the cleanest environments.
Compressed natural gas is the next cleanest fuel to hydrogen available.
The cleanest places on the planet are the capitalist nations.
Outside solar and wave power, geothermal is the safest and cleanest form of power in the world.
We also make it extremely difficult to develop the cleanest viable energy technology currently available: nuclear fission.
Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles promise to be the cleanest mode of transportation, eliminating harmful tailpipe emissions altogether.
But while the trains themselves are among the cleanest freight transportation around, their cargo is decidedly not.
Pollution is partly to blame, but you can see a lighter horizon even in the cleanest air.
The resulting data were the cleanest anyone could recall seeing.
The cleanest way to run cars is to use the methods already developed sitting on the shelves of the auto industries.
And though it's the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels, it's still a fossil fuel.
We have the cleanest and cheapest drinking water drinking water in the world.
Nuclear fission reactors are the cleanest, safest and cheapest form of energy.
Even natural gas, the cleanest of the fossil fuels produces too much greenhouse pollution.
Again, the cleanest half of the fleet contains a small fraction of the high emitters.
It also happens to be the cleanest combustion vehicle on the road today.

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