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However, when the produce has been treated with pesticides, cleaner is better.
Use plastic cleaner or dish soap with cotton towels to clean frame top as needed.
Switching from a power to a reel mower will give a cleaner cut and reduce noise and pollution.
We people find the former cleaner than the latter, and they do not destroy the property so much.
Artificial drying is quicker and cleaner than sun drying, especially in moderate and cold climates.
Everything in the cottage was small, but neater and cleaner than can be told.
These disasters forced the world to face the dangers of air pollution and inspired an ongoing movement for cleaner air.
Imagine a sculpture that could help make the air cleaner simply by sparkling in the sunlight.
It is also easy to maintain with a nonabrasive cleaner and a cloth.
Once introduced to the vacuum cleaner, its mechanical nature may overexcite him and cause him to proceed with inappropriate haste.
Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
Burning natural gas may be cleaner than burning coal, but the back-story to getting it is filthy.
Discovering an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuel.
But as faculty members adjusted to the change, she said, they appreciated the cleaner look and feel.
As a side benefit, hanging around the mist of the car wash would make them cleaner.
Of course it's not, because it takes much longer to learn how to use a computer than a vacuum cleaner or a microwave oven.
It is the second automated vacuum cleaner to debut this month.
When the costs are added up, corn-based ethanol may prove little cleaner than gasoline.
Four-strokes, which have one cycle for intake and one for exhaust, tend to be heavier but also cleaner.
Using a pastry bag fitted with a piping tip results in cleaner lines of icing.
Small animals called cleaner shrimps have found a way of helping fish at coral reefs.
Combine washing soda, borax, natural liquid soap and hot water in a spray bottle for a heavy-duty cleaner.
Because it is a cleaner source of power than oil or coal, nuclear energy is often mistakenly referred to as a renewable resource.
Upholstered furniture and mattresses may need the attention of a professional cleaner.
Deepwater cages offer cleaner, more freely circulating ocean water and natural food, which can yield tastier fish.
Some of the cleaner fish eat the bacteria clinging to the ray's belly.
Recycling bottles, cans, and newspapers is on any short list of simple actions for a cleaner environment.
Mix four tablespoons in one quart of warm water for a general cleaner.
The river's surface has become cleaner in places, and some fish have returned.
Secure any basic nozzle attachment onto the hose of an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner.
The machines of industry would be refitted with cleaner, faster, quieter engines.
And not because she was so easily reduced to tears by an on-the-fritz vacuum cleaner.
The cleaner the slate is wiped of the past the better.
He was doing more business than any dry cleaner maybe in the country.
It would have been cleaner than this melodramatic conclusion.
Instead they sent up a sort of vacuum cleaner filled with a nutrient solution containing a radioactively labeled simple sugar.
Window cleaner poisoning occurs when someone swallows or breathes in large amounts of window cleaner.
Steam iron cleaner is a substance used to clean steam irons.
Poisoning occurs when someone swallows steam iron cleaner.
How much easier and cleaner to make decisions in consultation with a higher authority.
Using a cleaner source of power-and anything is cleaner than coal-would make the machine come out even further ahead.
Moral and economic pressures have become intertwined, driving investors to push managers to go for cleaner investments.
The air aboard commercial jetliners is considerably cleaner than almost everybody gives it credit for.
But aircraft fleet will be updated to cleaner models only slowly.
Though cleaner than oil or coal, it does emit greenhouse gases when burned.
Motor manufacturers are betting heavily on fuel cells as the engines for tomorrow's cleaner cars.
Awkwardly, the government has chosen this moment to order firms to start selling cleaner types of petrol in a number of cities.
Thus, cleaner air and cleaner water over my lifetime because people demanded it.
In the rich world, air is cleaner, water purer and energy less wasted.
Despite the rich world's move to cleaner energy sources, developing countries will use more fossil fuels as they grow wealthier.
Several firms have come up with ways to make cleaner syngas.
But her main worry is that since losing her job as a cleaner six months ago she has yet to find another.
Not surprising, as its cause is lofty: to harness the power of business to make the world a richer, fairer and cleaner place.
Recently the streets have been cleaner and rubbish collection better, he concedes.
Its efforts to fight corruption and reform the judicial system led to abuses of power, not cleaner government.
Even more importantly, they could push on with cleaner ways to help the poor.
Cheap loans helped the biggest industrial polluters to become cleaner.
Cleaner fish have a pretty good little business going.
Leading thinkers offer visions of how to make our energy supply cleaner, more efficient, and more abundant.
Many ocean animals rely on cleaner fish or cleaner shrimp to rid them of parasites.
If you want to know if an elephant has a stomachache, ask the cage cleaner.
Flea killers can be used, but a great idea is the use of a small vacuum cleaner to tidy up animal's coats.
She had drawn up a shopping list and made a note to get gas and pick up clothes at the dry cleaner.
During the day, cleaner fish help to keep these pests at bay but they don't work at night.
Wee need to stop arguing over which is worse and try to work together to make modern technology cleaner and safer.
But he sees flywheels as a bridge to cleaner energy sources.
The cleaner your lifestyle, the worse allergies you tend to get.
Use dry cleaner bags because the plastic reduces friction that can cause wrinkles.
Lightly wrap the folded suit in sheets of dry cleaner plastic, if it's available.
Elsewhere, he sees tents and marquees using new textiles that stay equally spotless with no intervention from a human cleaner.
The salty spray emanating from the ocean acts as an atmospheric cleaner, new research suggests.
The same could happen for green chemistry, as a demand for cleaner products drives innovation.
The cell phones of the hospital's health care workers were a little cleaner.
Fortunately, compressed air or a vacuum cleaner easily gets rid of the dirt.
Developing cleaner power sources for transportation is perhaps the trickiest piece of the energy puzzle.
The government is right on focusing on giving financial inducements to the existing coal plants to make their stacks cleaner.
Biofuel for aircraft burn cleaner than the present jet fuels.
They say this material could not only make lithium-ion batteries more efficient, but also cleaner and cheaper to manufacture.
And even cities that have good water-treatment systems are looking for better ways to deliver safer, cleaner water.
There is a completely new design that's cleaner, clearer and crisper.
Methane-based fuels could be significantly cleaner than petroleum ones.
It's a safer, cleaner, and proliferation-free technology that is still in its early stages.
It is presented as a way to enable electric vehicles by making electricity generation cleaner.
Making an even cleaner interface between devices and the net is what keeps a lot of designers awake and alive.
They run cleaner, more efficient and are more reliable.
For one, tennis is a much cleaner sport than cycling.
The bottles can leak, allowing the contents of the cleaner to come into contact with consumers.
Cleaner burning wood stoves can reduce your fuel bill, in addition to protecting your health.

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