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It is faster and more precise and easier to clean up using a knife.
Or they can clamp down, clean up, and face the double short-term risk of a stalled economy and a wrathful proletariat.
But persuading other countries to clean up after a war they had opposed would be quite a trick.
Anchoring your speakers will clean up that image considerably.
Not only would the move secure the plant's viability, but it would also help clean up the environmental reputation of coal power.
Someday they could be used to produce drugs or clean up pollution.
We simply cannot clean up the oceans, by what we're messing them up so easily.
The fix was an operation to clear out the disintegration, clean up the spurs and fuse the vertebrae.
It took a year to clean up the data and still there were imperfections.
Og say, clean up campsite, then no need to change lifestyle.
Their critique forced us to clean up our act and to provide evidence for our stories.
Entrepreneurs are looking at ideas for using it to build lighter armored vehicles or to clean up oil spills.
And if you clean up messes, you know, your hands stink because you've got to touch a lot of nasty stuff.
Trees do a lot for us: provide wood, improve health, even clean up the air.
In the short term, workers will continue to cool the reactors and clean up as much contamination as possible.
Clean up amalgam technology yes, but first recycle batteries from all your household gadgets.
So, to stop the spread of diseases, people should be asked to clean up the bills they use for sniffing.
We should also stop accepting anything from areas that do not clean up infected computers.
And people that clean up their practises should be able to claim government grants to help them do so.
The government is trying to clean up the coal sector.
The owner estimates that if the factory remains under water for a full month, it could take two months more to clean up.
Broadly, governments should pledge to clean up their public finances by cutting future spending rather than raising taxes.
What is needed is a way to clean up the junk so that it is no longer a problem.
Some users received notices last week that they had seven days to clean up their profiles before the switch.
The procedure included clean up of the labrum and bursa and clean up and reinforcement of the rotator cuff.
Each show uses a ton of the cork, and after the two shows requires about three hours to clean up.
Contractors and environmental officials are considering options to clean up the oil.
Furthermore, clean up is a breeze since there aren't any blades or visible heating elements.
See pictures of a coal mine's attempt to clean up its image.
The tips and techniques presented in this section will help you clean up your mold problem.
Dispose the marine debris correctly and clean up the environment.

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