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Each claw ended with a sharp point ideally suited for digging into the flesh of prey.
Using a nutcracker or wood mallet, crack the shell of each leg and claw section.
Make a cut at small end of each cutlet, and insert in each the tip end of a small claw.
Use tail meat, divided in fourths, and large pieces of claw meat.
Refill tail, body, and under half of large claw shells.
As it was, the policeman made a claw at the hood, and only dropped off when he got my left in his eye.
What they discovered was that the hand claw of the predatory dinosaur was also well-adapted to anchoring into surfaces.
First it grabbed several bands in its big crusher claw and refused to relinquish them.
Do not worry if you tear the claw when you remove the cartilage.
Another is that it's easier to eat-all you get is the big, meaty claw, which has usually been cracked for easy pickings.
He patted the stuffed bag he carried, and there hung down a little closed claw.
Nature doesn't come redder in tooth and claw, as the saying goes, than mink.
Grieving elephants, sympathetic bonobos, grateful whales-nature is not always red in tooth and claw.
The snake went in only a dozen feet or so and found a clog, and now the little claw at the end is spinning.
Nature is serene and wholesome, but nature is red in tooth and claw.
The foreleg is quite slender, with a long fine claw.
Because we've found their burrows, marked with their claw marks, and because their anatomy is consistent with this behaviour.
One after another tried to claw his way onto the piano which formed our grandstand.
Where a band of solid rock gives way, waves claw at weaker clays behind to sculpt a cove or a bay.
He received severe bites and claw injuries to the head, back, and shoulders.
Researchers now suggest the claw-swaying helps wash nutrients over the bacteria, essentially fertilizing them.
Males, top, have a specialized antenna and claw for grabbing females.
Deluxe rooms feature claw-footed tubs or all-marble baths and many have wood-burning fireplaces and private patios.
Sparrows seem pleasant, but fluttering feathers can hide vicious claw-to-claw combat at feeders.
Nature is supposed to be red in tooth and claw, and domestication an artificial process for making animals gentle.
His fingers crimp and gnarl, turning the hand into a disfigured claw.
As soon as the sound is out of me, the gremlin shrieks and does its best to claw its way out of my hand.
Claw hand is a condition that causes curved or bent fingers.
IT is believed that wearing a lion's claw will bring strength to the wearer.
He could not claw his way out through brute strength, as some had done.
When cool enough to handle, remove the tail and claw meat.
Using a clumsy nailing gun is work, but swinging a claw hammer is satisfying work.
Disorder was her only chance to claw her way back to power.
The government could claw back some credibility by releasing the political prisoners, but this is unlikely.
His kitchen contained a claw-foot bath, a stove and a table.
He may also have to claw back money and regulatory power from the regional governments.
It also advocates being able to claw back money from former managers if the accounts have to be restated.
One way or another, the government needs to claw back some of the gains that people have made in the boom years.
Below him, the water tore up the floorboards and trapped his foot, as if in a claw of timber.
He has a large catch of huge and menacing, angry, claw-waving crabs and lobsters.
Many species of snapping shrimp--so named for their outsize fighting claw--are known.
The damaged nerves create an array of odd postures-the claw-hand, the staring eye that cannot be closed.
Spotting the traveler, she swoops down to claw away his laugh and his unnatural sound.
Ice climbers claw their way up ice formations of various kinds, including glaciers, with an emphasis on verticality.
Simple tooth-and-claw survival: it's the oldest business model of all.
Years ago, stores used to sell the shower hookup kit for old claw-foot tubs.
And oh yes: the collection trucks have a claw on the side that picks up the container, upends it and dumps it.

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