clavicle in a sentence

Example sentences for clavicle

Hill's clavicle bone is rubbing against another bone in his shoulder joint.
He cradles his left arm protectively because the pain of a sudden move risks jolting his broken clavicle.
He missed his freshman year because of a broken right clavicle.
Sewn into a hump of skin and muscle below his right clavicle was the pacemaker that helped his heart outlive his brain.
The camera avoids any wet dashiki moments by staying above the clavicle.
That's the big blood vessel underneath the clavicle, or collarbone.
The clavicle of a four-year-old was treated in that way.
The crash left him with a fractured skull, clavicle, ribs and hip.
Until recently, clavicle fractures have been treated mainly with a sling or brace and felt to have favorable outcomes.
Compare the rates of soft-tissue irritation with two different methods of plating for clavicle fractures.
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