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If all politics is local, fashion industry politics is almost claustrophobic.
At other times, though, it is cloying and even claustrophobic.
Once on board it is easy to get lost among all the tubes at its dark and claustrophobic centre.
Also had lots of rain during one trip, but didn't feel claustrophobic.
He took the elevator, descending two floors underground to a small, claustrophobic room-the vault antechamber.
And with the top up, visibility is no worse than in the claustrophobic coupe.
Third there is the oppressive claustrophobic atmosphere.
Thanks to the vestibule and wing of interior space, the tent isn't at all claustrophobic.
The ceiling is low and the sight lines are hidden, producing a claustrophobic effect.
There is the deadly serious defense, retooled before the season into a claustrophobic full-court press.
It certainly beats being banged up in jail, but life in such a small community can be claustrophobic.
He keeps up a brisk and barefoot pace through a tangled, claustrophobic wilderness, seeing it with intimate familiarity.
The scanner's large bore helps prevent patients from becoming claustrophobic.
The apartment itself is cozy without ever feeling claustrophobic.
The airline also didn't want the crew bunks in the cargo hold, because it thought that might be claustrophobic.
People look out their windows into claustrophobic courtyards and then spend their weekends walking through vast, forestlike parks.
She was scared of heights, and too claustrophobic to make snow tunnels to her radio huts.
And the tight, awkward camera was making me claustrophobic.
The tightly packed and stylized cells give the storyline a frenzied and claustrophobic feel.
It's a cold, claustrophobic nightmare slicked with trickling engine oil and transmission fluid.
His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship.
As the narrative took shape, so did the claustrophobic and gruesome reality of life in the dome.
But here at the mountain, the rooms are tiny, almost claustrophobic.
Once you go to investigate, the viewpoint switches to a claustrophobic hallway.
The sampled sounds are unyielding, the beat relentless, claustrophobic.
Life inside the ticket booth turns from secure to claustrophobic.
Some people who are not used to wearing restrictive clothing become quite claustrophobic when they are first laced in.
In some places it's claustrophobic in other places its wide open.
Two floors were partly removed, creating soaring volumes from claustrophobic parlors.
His plays are subtle, fragile, almost claustrophobic.
The light shield can make a user feel a little claustrophobic and causes slight dizziness if you move your head too often.
If someone acted that way to you, you'd feel claustrophobic pretty quickly.
There's a really long wait, but then a stranger shows up with a ticket he says he needs to give away because he's claustrophobic.
It's often extremely tense and occasionally claustrophobic, when your only chance for survival is a tiny, moving cone of light.
With everyone at one end, unaware of the garden view, the courtyard could feel claustrophobic.
It was an increasingly solitary, morbid, and claustrophobic existence.
As his career progressed, his line became claustrophobic, strangulating.
Consequently she was bitter and claustrophobic and loved food.
The stage is in a room at the back of the building, past a bar, at the end of a claustrophobic hallway.
Describes the torture devices in her room, and a claustrophobic coffin writer enters.
Pursuing a misbegotten authenticity, the filmmakers enclose us in claustrophobic unhappiness.
But so claustrophobic did he find the tunnel that he has never gone back inside.
Also loved the claustrophobic feeling on the station.
She will get out into the world, any world but that of the claustrophobic censorious village folk.
Some people are afraid of crashing, while others feel claustrophobic in the cabin of an airplane.
If you're claustrophobic, an inside cabin is not a good idea.
Inevitably, you'll find yourself in a claustrophobic showroom with someone at your elbow needling you to buy.
In their heyday, they were a special breed, built for the claustrophobic and tight fit of the mines.
Though the plot is fairly involved, it never feels claustrophobic.
The beaches, the pubs, the claustrophobic hideouts-all have been beautifully captured here.
Not suitable for children, the claustrophobic or the faint of heart.
The concept was untested and some planning officials wondered whether such a structure would prove claustrophobic for employees.
The work of the sandhogs-as workers who dig tunnels are still colloquially known-was dangerous, claustrophobic and tedious.
If you are claustrophobic, this tour may not be the best choice for you.
The towering cliffs caused many to become claustrophobic.
Subjects will always have the possibility to signal when they feel claustrophobic and wish to be removed from the magnet.
They became claustrophobic, he wrote, if fresh air wasn't readily available.
Are claustrophobic and can not tolerate the imaging.

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