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Example sentences for clause

The objection is that the interposed phrase or clause needlessly interrupts the natural order of the main clause.
Do not use a semicolon between a clause and a phrase, or a main clause and a subordinate clause.
It would have made law by establishing, as a matter of precedent, that the equal protection clause does not reach that far.
The business plan led to a second misstep, because it included a dubious opt-out clause.
There are conflicting interpretations of the refugee clause in the text of the initiative.
Meanwhile the ground workers have voted for action to support demands for the extension of their job guarantee clause.
Pressure is growing to include a clause to demutualise the exchange in order to loosen the grip of the brokers.
The purpose clause is used to help the reader interpret the regulations.

Famous quotes containing the word clause

Long ago I added to the true old adage of "What is everybody's business is nobody's business," another clausemore
Well, the wedding is over, the good folks are joined for better for worse—a shocking clause that!—'tis ... more
In the learned journal, in the influential newspaper, I discern no form; only some irresponsible shadow; oftener some mo... more
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