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Example sentences for clasping

And the small plastic hooks hanging from my ears and clasping my head were a tad uncomfortable.
Within the gold-tone frame, the neatly dressed subject is clasping a book-a remarkable statement for the age.
Five members of the family appeared at a window of the office, clasping their hands over their heads in a victory sign.
Clasping your hands together and holding before the thrust executes a more powerful spell.
He's the one looking important by clasping his hands behind his back.
Her manner of bending her head to one side, of clasping her hands together, is simple and terribly touching.
Her voice had sunk almost to a whisper, and she sat clasping and unclasping her hands about the handle of her sunshade.
She leans for- ward, away from her pillow, arms clasping her legs.
The lance- shaped leaves are entire, have no stalks, and are conspicuously lobed clasping.
Leaves are linear, flat and have clasping auricles, often shiny in appearance.
Stem leaves are lobed-clasping at their bases and are conspicuously crowded, particularly towards the inflorescence.
Those that manage to find a fish host to clamp onto by means of clasping valves, grow into juveniles with shells of their own.
Leaves are flat with prominent nerves and clasping auricles.
The clasping, alternate leaves are pinnately lobed or toothed with spines along the margins.

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Elizabeth, frigidly stretched, On a spring day surprised us With her starched dignity and the quietness Of her hands more
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