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Example sentences for clasp

Fully lined with zippered interior pocket, magnetic clasp closure, and a lobster claw to hold keys.
Evidently the magnet in the clasp can cause the iPod to malfunction.
The helping hand and the invisible hand must clasp each other.
Large bluish green leaves with bases that clasp the stems.
They clasp hands, and raise them over their heads to thunderous applause.
The angled fold-over flap is doubly secured with a magnetic clasp.
Clasp your hands and remove your shoes for an hour of instruction.
Mothers clasp children's hands and pull them from the playground.
Then came the punk movement, which turned this humble clasp into a symbol of rebellion.
The clutch was lined in leather and finished with a gold clasp.
Beware of the awkward clasp that breaks the perfection of your string.
He wants to free it from its silver clasp and bury his face in it.
She banged the stall door shut, but the lock's clasp bounced against the frame, and the door swung open about a foot or so.
Don't fret: the prettiest links in town are within your clasp.
They clasp in a bear hug and try gaining leverage through quick movement or grasping of what little clothes are usually available.
The flip-out clasp is magnetic to keep the keyboard from flopping around.
The end of the leash has a metal clasp which connects to the dog's collar.
Add a lobster clasp on one end of the clamshell hook and a jump ring on the other.
The clasp was unattached to the string or the pearls.
Bronze clasps are not worn after the silver clasp is awarded.

Famous quotes containing the word clasp

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