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It showed a desperate fight so real as to utterly obscure the underlying clash of conflicting ideals.
The disk hits the boards and sticks clash in a frenzied fight to control it.
There is the inevitable clash between my desire for a permanent academic job and the reality of my bank balance.
It would be easy for even a small clash to get out of hand.
The initial clash brings combatants flying toward a thunderous embrace.
Some years, they clash violently with settlers along the way.
It must have been painful as the redheaded gave up after this clash.
There could be a scenario in which polar bear females clash with grizzly males as the females emerge from hibernation.
For her, the answer has always been a clash of cultures.
Truth and art also clash in my opinion in the opera.
Another risk is one that often presents itself in mergers, especially those involving creative types: a clash of cultures.
According to the conventional wisdom, there was a culture clash.
OK by me, as long as they don't get so flashy that they clash with the serenity of shadows.
In both directions, this short, sharp clash was vastly exaggerated.
If you work long enough in the adjunct business, you will at some point clash with a supervisor.
From the roof of their building, they watched protesters clash with police.
Friends also can clash with friends and judge you by your virtual company.
Americans are as active as anyone else in the clash of eschatologies.
The real tension for these pilots comes from the clash with everything outside the trailers.
For younger people, this is the challenge of a generation--a clash between innovative futurism and pessimism.
His voice is a clear, simple one that speaks of a clash between good and evil, between good guys and bad guys.
It's always interesting to see what happens when these things clash.
The cognitive clash here is between the location of the square and that of the key.
It is that belief that leads him to clash so resoundingly with advocates for the idea of peak oil.
In this grand theater, the clash and melding of different cultures is still played out on a daily basis with startling clarity.
The divine precepts can never clash, but strengthen one another.
So, in that case, the clash between is intimately related to the clash within.
Then the drum-beat of anticipation ended in a clash of publicity's cymbals.
Part of their pragmatism is to try to avoid an open clash with the ideologues.
He automatically distrusts new currents of thought, and if they clash with the prevailing wisdom, he ruthlessly eliminates them.
But they admit they are distressed over the apparent clash between their findings and their personal values.
Before the violence of rulers clashes with the violence of their subjects, values and systems of ethics clash inside human minds.
All of this facilitated a rapid dissemination of new ideas and a dramatic and visible clash of conflicting views.
In a head-on clash between violence and power the outcome is hardly in doubt.
Foreground and background appear scissored and pasted against each other to create a dynamic clash.
He was a meat-eating, knuckle-dragging gladiator, and the company was frothing with anticipation at the clash.
What he has done, at a time of incredible unpredictability, is create a space that is all about clash and flux.
You're two people continually evolving, and there will be times when those changes clash.
Where political principle and business expediency clash, you can be pretty sure expediency will win.
As the temperature falls, the clash over the prospect of rising electricity rates is heating up.

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