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Clarity was never swept aside by the intensity of feeling which prevailed, heated though this was at times.
Astronomical details in the three paintings could provide some clarity in the matter.
Yes, when intelligence allows true insight the positive outcome is true clarity.
For one thing, he speaks rather slowly, and with great clarity.
Either way, however, the reader who needs definitional clarity gets fuzziness instead.
Energized by the threat, survivors notice an extraordinary clarity of detail in their environment.
These high-quality optics will allow you and your family to see distant stars and microscopic nature with precision and clarity.
Experts say the stone is of top-quality color and clarity and could fetch tens of millions of dollars.
It was once thought that light pollution only affected astronomers, who need to see the night sky in all its glorious clarity.
The night brings clarity, and lights trace the future.
Seeing it under this level of magnification, the clarity is incredible, the detail is jaw-dropping.
The color and clarity of this beautiful bird is incredible.
It is good to see your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed.
His clarity and focus over the past couple of months were sharper than they had ever been.
Clarity about what your bosses expect is essential to your ability to take independent action.
There's a certain sense of clarity that comes with tenure.
Make the résumé visually effective to communicate professionalism and clarity.
They find and replace words and then do not proofread to ensure clarity.
Clarity has to apply to all forms of communications.
Sometimes the editor might suggest a change that went a bit further, to improve clarity or accuracy, say.
Have the reader focus on overall organization and clarity.
So, clarity might be worthwhile and easiness, maybe you don't want it too much.
The main task is to restore honesty, clarity and credibility as quickly as possible.
His playing strikes a perfect balance between clarity and lyricism.
Clarity and certainty, not to mention public esteem, still elude the discipline.
Companies on the receiving end made reciprocal inquiries, which led to a bit more clarity.
Part of the reason for that lack of clarity is inadequate data on where and when attacks happen.
He laid out the problem at hand with his customary clarity.
The new paper provides some welcome clarity on the effectiveness of inflow controls.
The lack of clarity reflects a fundamental problem in economics: the difficulty of isolating individual factors.
Unless every inch of such companies' websites offers stellar clarity and convenience, customers go elsewhere.
Clarity and focus are essential requirements for making those awkward judgments.
The decision, if upheld, will bring new clarity and an end to such lawsuits.
It allows for ideological clarity, and thus accountability.
And, a litany of scholars and academics since then have waged profound criticisms of the call to clarity.
The zealots, bigots and creeps on both sides come across with equal clarity.
One reason for its success was its clarity, another was the amount it packed in.
The phrasing of some references to dates has been changed, in brackets, for clarity.
We are looking for authors who can convey ideas with clarity and concision.
Seeking improved mental clarity, many patients turn to a seemingly mundane source: cigarettes.
And the body of the observatory is the ice itself, an abundant medium with an astonishing natural clarity.
There is a clarity that makes me want to live and keep fighting the diseases.
Additional impressive replies, edited for brevity and clarity, also appear below.
The accord failed to gain unanimous support, and negotiators returned home with no clarity on how to proceed.
Yet decision makers insist that they bring clarity when information is scarce and outcomes uncertain.
That's why vertebrate eyes are round-to capture more of a scene without losing clarity.
Terminology is a matter of clarity of meaning in science, and substance is about data and testing the system.
Standardized spelling enables readers to understand writing, to aid communication and ensure clarity.
To be a scientist is to commit to a life of confusion punctuated by rare moments of clarity.
The interview has been edited for length and clarity.
Even seasoned travelers sometimes need more clarity when it comes to understanding hotel reservations.
Captions were reader-submitted and may have been edited for clarity.
Letters are edited for accuracy, clarity and length.
Submissions are edited for length, accuracy and clarity.
Owners should continue to have him riding pine until there is more clarity on his timetable to return.
Most people by now may recall a moment of clarity, an inkling of doom.
Most people may now recall a moment of clarity, an inkling of doom.
And with clarity and self-awareness comes the possibility, though not the immediate likelihood, of recovery.
Four decades apart, the two wars shared many features, starting with the moral and temporal clarity of their beginnings.
So is his ensemble choreography, which combines clarity with an almost showy complexity.
It is rare for anyone-never mind a writer-to possess such clarity.
The blinkered, semi-unconscious sinners stumble toward grace-a moment of clarity, of self-realization.
Clarity about this problem is important because if it is not recognized, it can't be solved.
Below are remarks he sent today by e-mail, edited slightly for clarity.
Its obsessive clarity turns out to be the perfect basis for digital information.
But the first moon landing still stands out as a rare moment of clarity.
So, increasingly, clarity has risen to a higher place in my pantheon of virtues.
The connection has a crystalline clarity that tricks him into not allowing for the satellite delay.
These create images so detailed that even cropped portions retain clarity when enlarged.
Her prose was at once effervescent and smooth, and its clarity and precision sprang from the astringency of her vision.
The stay against confusion implies a moment of clarity, a moment when you see through the maze.
What you get from writers today is the verbal equivalent of these little ruses, and the same aversion to simplicity and clarity.
In the digital age, razor-sharp clarity and definition are the keys to success.
He understands with perfect clarity the things that can and cannot happen.
But this understanding, rather than producing clarity, instead unleashed a contentious debate about the exact mechanisms at work.
It also sloped downward, subtly but visibly, in a strange and airless clarity.
Sean, the youngest adult in the room, felt momentarily wistful for the sweat and clarity of football in fall air.
There's a certainly clarity to industrialized genocide.
Doing research demands being comfortable with ambiguity in the early stages of a project in order to attain eventual clarity.
Prizing clarity and accessibility they avoided specialist jargon and pedantic displays of scholarship.
Our conversation, edited for clarity, appears below.
It messes up the clarity and coherence of their data.
It would also bring a new clarity and rigor to any number of policy debates- those over trade agreements being a prime example.
They have more vitality and clarity than the average breather.
He had time and clarity enough to get his mind in order and to share its illumination.
She put a clothespin on her nose and worked to bring her voice down a register, to achieve clarity and depth.
The diamond tester won't tell you the clarity or the color, but it will get you started.
But if you are among them, remember there is no clarity yet that this rally is for keeps.
Handling old tasks provides clarity, peace of mind and relief.
But the law likes to work in clarity and well-lighted, advertent consciousness.
But that's where the clarity ends in this unpredictable nomination race.
We offer clarity in a confusing world, explaining not only what happened but why it matters.
The clear answer beats the clever one any time unless you worry about the chaos that clarity can bring.
Almost without exception, he deploys those words in derisive counterpoint to his own clarity of purpose and principle.

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