claimant in a sentence

Example sentences for claimant

The ruling was a disappointment to the claimant tribes.
The burden of proof for supernatural claims lies with the claimant.
If the claimant accepts the offer of amends, it's the end of the case-barring damages.
But that factor is less important if the claimant also owns a luxury car, which suggests affluence.
There are other conditions which are applied to stop the claimant or his family from ripping off the system.
If it was a court room, the claimant would win the day.
First, your statement about the burden of proof being on the claimant is entirely accurate in an intellectual or academic setting.
It's quite reasonable to request the claimant to present the pro-arguments.
Make no mistake, the onus of proof lies with you, the claimant.
Claimant refuses to cooperate with a request for evidence or action.
Audits review claimant eligibility, payroll records, and work search contacts.
We will mail a paper copy of a summary of the application to the claimant for verification and signature.
Claimant fails to cooperate with a request for evidence or action.
Information on rule-making activity related to claimant fraud and charging of employer-caused overpayments.
When the overpayment has been repaid, you may receive weekly benefits under the same eligibility criteria as any other claimant.
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