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If there were jobs reserved for southpaws, thousands of academics would suddenly claim to be lifelong lefties.
The next day, dozens of farmers show up to claim their latest inducement.
The inventors claim all the laser parts came from inexpensive consumer electronics.
Now more than ten years later, the claim rings hollow.
Researchers cast doubt on that claim, and the story has been amended accordingly.
To claim a degree one did not earn is to sin against an entire system.
Such details apparently contributed to the claim that the blog post violated students' privacy.
They could copy and paste their partner's claim, for instance, into a box on the form.
But what interests me here is the descriptive claim about stress on the adverb.
Some record lecture audio, and claim to listen to them on their iPods.
Now it is one of a host of countries eagerly laying claim to swathes of the seafloor that may one day yield huge riches.
In such a situation, anybody can claim to be holier than money.
Presented without any supporting evidence, that claim smacked of political opportunism.
You're right on the complexity of the statistics here, but you're arguing against something the post explicitly declines to claim.
Officials are quick to claim that there is nothing white about it.
His defenders claim that he has never been convicted, but this is untrue.
Secondly, whatever the claim, it is beyond absurd to try to shape modern world based on thousands of years old maps.
As with any insurance contract, however, there is scope for dispute about when a claim can be made.
No nation can claim someone who was not a part of any nation.
He repeated the administration's claim that it was opposed to all torture.
Claim is not followed by an infinitive except when the subject of claim is also that of the infinitive.
We have been obliged to arm ourselves to make good our claim to a certain minimum of right and of freedom of action.
But the style fits the subject so perfectly as never to claim attention for itself.
Whoever serves well and says nothing makes claim enough.
NO nation can claim rights without acknowledging the duties that go with the rights.
Now the cause was lost and they had no right to claim anything.
As such it is unseemly for the untrained to claim that certain sciences are less so than others.
Others, however, gain a catastrophic momentum and often claim lives.
Though they ll claim science is observation, that can tweak, if it fits the equation.
Other scientists are skeptical of even that claim, if not openly dismissive of it.
Detractors claim that this rosy scenario overlooks unresolved issues.
Something made the initial report claim the bus was full of elderly people- instead of hockey players.
No one can claim that, and to do so shows disregard for the true spirit of science and reluctance to budge from the status quo.
How can anyone claim to discovering some place that is already occupied.
Split into quadrants, each section is engraved with the seal of the state, laying claim to its parcel of disk.
Maybe the guy should have watched the next video before submitting his claim.
Each of the thinkers' respective countries wanted to stake a claim in what was one of the biggest advances in mathematics.
The salvagers claim the posse wanted to extract money because the barge was in their waters.
Claim a free gift at the gift shop when you have your guide stamped at each stop on the self-guided tour.
Yet there are people who claim that humans actually lived alongside dinosaurs.
The existence of a venomous archosaur is still an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.
Both you and the sailor would have equal claim to being right-the motion of the rock is relative to whoever is observing it.
There is no tested science in support of the claim of increased likelihood of severe weather.
The birds start breeding earlier, which lets them claim the better nesting sites and increases breeding success.
They had it setup as if you were queuing through a check-in line with a little makeshift baggage claim area on the other side.
So in cases where firms claim that compensation is a trade secret, salary confidentiality would be protected.
That's an astounding claim and one that many physicists will want to pour over before popping any champagne corks.
The amazing intricacy of human cognition should serve as a caution to those who claim the singularity is close.
Of all the other storage technologies, only pumped hydro can make this claim.
Users can also decide to claim results after the fact, attaching a name if an effort has been well-received.
Advocates of the mortgage-interest deduction, for instance, claim that it increases homeownership rates.
To claim full citizenship, though, required prodigious multi-tasking skills.
Despite all of this, twenty-two of the thirty teams in the league claim to have lost money this past season.
Then the clerk took him to the other side of security, hoping that someone might be awaiting him in the baggage claim.
And you have some banking experts who can, perhaps, claim to be among the few economists that warned us about this crisis.
It means not letting them claim to do our work for us.
Because no plaintiff can claim ignorance of tobacco's hazards, its manufacturers cannot be held negligent for selling it.
If private-equity firms are as good at remaking companies as they claim, they don't need tax loopholes to make money.
During the nineteen-forties, health-care reformers tried to make the claim that there was a precedent for health-care legislation.
Mainstream medicine supports the diagnosis, but some doctors claim the evidence behind it is questionable.
As you'd know if you were as much of an expert as you claim to be.
The researchers claim that these tall villagers got some extra height from having married non-pygmies from surrounding villages.
It's an argument of lack of evidence to support the claim.
And, if they make a scientific claim, show the evidence that supports that claim.
Though the the results of the paper are worth talking about, the authors claim that they'll be putting the data online.
We've all heard this kind of claim, from real scientists as well as crackpots.
Second, and more important, there is the inspiring nature of the claim.
The claim isn't testable, so the money can be said to go towards providing the service.
And therefore, the claim that the current warming period is unprecedented can not be established with any certainty whatsoever.
Only in ethics do you have a logical reason following the normative claim.
Adding more samples could easily demonstrate that there are more clusters than they claim, or fewer.
We can't claim to fully understand it, but the evidence in favor of the basic picture is extremely strong.
The moral claim of infants is more obvious and forceful than any arguments to the contrary.
My claim concerns functionally identical beings, so it is irrelevant to point to people who function differently.
Universities are not so isolated from the tragic past, but they still make a claim to speak with eloquence across the centuries.
One might claim that all literature tends to the miniaturized condition of haiku and the maxim.
To claim otherwise is a fateful attempt to triangle the circle.
Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby.
In the meantime, they were later to claim in court filings, he was effectively stealing the company out from under them.
Most salons that make this claim either don't get the same results as keratin treatments or are secretly using formaldehyde.
We don't know these vaccines work, so you can't make that claim.
If this site is unavailable at any time, it does not eliminate your responsibility to file your unemployment insurance claim.
Filing a first claim for disability compensation can be a stressful experience.
Your claim can often be processed more quickly if you send a copy of your own medical records.
When your vehicle is damaged or stolen, one of the first things you may have to do is file an insurance claim.
Please use the links to the right to file a claim for benefits, appeal a decision, or check on the status of your claim.
Intermixing the two formats on the claim is not allowed.
Payment of benefits will be decided by your claim manager.

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