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Example sentences for cladding

Undersized pellets could rattle around inside a fuel can and damage the inner cladding.
Oversized ones could swell up and burst the cladding.
The fuel rods could still get hot enough to damage their cladding and release radioactive particles into the air.
Most optical fibers have a core of pure silica and a cladding layer that is doped with ions to change its refractive index.
Enriched uranium is manufactured into fuel rods that are encased in metal cladding made of alloys such as zirconium.
The sheeting was to help prevent fire in the cladding and logs of the old log house.
Cooling failure causes steam to burn off the zirconium cladding of the fuel rods leaving zirconium oxide and hydrogen gas.
Fuel rods in nuclear reactor cores are filled with uranium oxide ceramic pellets in zirconium cladding.
At a high enough temperature the cladding of the rods will start to burn and produce hydrogen, which can explode.
Pre-patinated copper cladding wraps much of the new building.
Yet underneath all that awful sheet metal and plastic cladding was a pretty sound vehicle.
The cladding of irregular quartzite blocks has been cut so accurately that no mortar was needed to hold them together.
Finished in gray, the cladding is not too obtrusive.
Sides shorn of overbearing cladding add lightness to an otherwise fairly substantial presence.
There are fewer superfluous curves and less cladding, presenting a more finished appearance.
The side view shows cladding over the lower door panels.
The predominant fuel types are research reactor fuel with aluminum-alloy cladding and aluminum-based fuel.
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