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Every few blocks a coffeehouse, the interior usually clad in warm wood, seems to pop up.
We've all heard scantily clad spokespeople make bogus claims about instant weight-loss supplements on late-night television.
The new monarch, clad in golden robes, was carried off in a gilded palanquin.
The log that creates the waterfall is clad in thin copper sheeting, pressed and glued to highlight underlying bark patterns.
And nobody would be surprised to see your head clad in a big piece of dark plastic, either.
Onlookers admire a shoulder-mounted flame instrument and its scantily clad fire player.
There came a lady clad in grey in the twilight shining: one moment she would stand and stay, her hair with flowers en-twining.
The stars were there, and scantily clad dancers celebrated boundaries and wickets.
But by evening he may well be clad in a robe and yarmulke, chanting ancient prayers in a darkened synagogue.
Also, if you're a fan of scantily clad people of both genders, this is the book for you.
So, apparently the studies touting the benefits of fluoridation are not all that iron-clad.
But then your khaki-clad camping butler meets you nearly halfway.
Vistas of the lake reveal a serene scene surrounded by palatial villas, tree-clad mountains, and quaint villages.
Turn left where you see the three-story metal-clad police box.
Kilt-clad owner, single malts around log fire, family silver in dining room.
And of course your personal observations are iron clad evidence.
It's basically a flying warehouse abuzz with armor-clad clinicians and portable life-support units.
The result was a buildup of hydrogen under the metal clad roof of the penthouse above the reactor's concrete containment box.
Ruddy-cheeked and plaid-clad, he could as easily be out here hunting chukar or mending downed fences.
Modern versions of the silver coins are clad copper-nickel.
Two hundred police, some clad in riot gear, loaded people into vans before tearing down between twenty and thirty tents.
Flannel-clad fans expecting a mosh pit might be disappointed.
Perhaps the organization thought it could choose between politics and polite, pink-clad company.
Several khaki-clad officers scaled the imposing stone wall surrounding the house, disarmed a guard, and opened the gate.
Clad only in underwear, he was startled while in the act of taking papers and files from a cabinet.
They rest, waiting in simple expectation, hats on and clad in traveling clothes.
Clad only in pajamas and paper slippers, the prisoners were denied writing materials.
The nearer peaks are perchance clad in sapphire blue, others far off in creamy white.
Cheese-filled test tubes bubble nearby, and a small iron-clad oven fills the air with the smell of burnt dairy products.
Two-thirds of workers have armour-clad permanent contracts.
More unsettling to her than first-day nerves is the line of khaki-clad police who stand guard at the gate.
Meanwhile a large part of the workforce is protected by armour-clad contracts.
The parents wowed at their blazer-clad children's singing: they had been coached to perform the song the previous day.
They were hardened to the scorching heat and bitter cold of the dry plains and pine-clad mountains.
Or perhaps they feel out of place amidst the flashy horse owners and their silk-clad jockeys.

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