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Example sentences for clack

Another opens on to the hum of fans and the clack of keyboards from workrooms and offices.
In the translators' offices alone the computer keys clack on unabated.
The slow deliberate clack of half a mile of wagons follows.
She moved her chair until it struck mine with a dry, wooden clack.
Antlers clack, brown noses stick up out of the scrum.
The only sounds were the soft clack of keys, the typebars' satisfying snap, and the chime marking the end of a line.
The knife sharpener provides percussion-a steady click-clack of metal plates.
Around the bazaar, near the old fort that dominates the city, there was the clack of a shutter being drawn up.

Famous quotes containing the word clack

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Now William pulled the lever down, And click-clack went the printing-press. William was the only printer in... more
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