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Surveys show that people who suffer road rage and airplane anxiety yearn for more civilized ways to travel.
Spending money you do not have does not make this a civilized country it makes you broke.
But more than that, it has no place in civilized society.
See a photographic expedition into the wild heart of a civilized continent.
The fact that you have had ongoing terror in this beautiful, civilized part of the world was fascinating to me.
The traditional answer is a hip flask filled with whisky, but feeding my monkey will be so much more civilized with this tiny cup.
Civilized societies make sure that when people are in desperate need of help, the money is there to take care of them.
See wildlife photographers set a camera ambush that catches a wild adult tiger indulging in a rather civilized midday soak.
The health statistics of all civilized countries have improved greatly in the past century.
Then came the application of that knowledge, and a far, far better and more civilized world resulted.
The vulgar plastic slabs being sold as digital picture frames remain too ugly and bulky for a civilized drawing room.
So now the adults are getting together to work it all out, in a civilized manner, over espresso.
Hopefully they will not cling to their land galleons when they return to the civilized world.
There's an energy created by sliding across snow on the edge of the civilized world where the air smells of possibility.
Killing an embryo to obtain body parts for other human beings is totally unethical and barbaric in a civilized society.
It has been the custom in all civilized countries and ages to erect statues to commemorate the deeds and the virtues of the dead.
It was simply what civilized people did to show respect.
No one likes to be civilized at gunpoint, especially if they think they're civilized to begin with.
Even if you stuff it in the trunk, you'll still look eco-chic and civilized.
In a civilized society they are both dis-empowered and equal.
Of course there has to be a civilized side to bush planes as well.
Of course today these things are handled in a more civilized manner.
No civilized society will tolerate its citizens dying in the streets for lack of health care.
Smaller penises therefore represent a more civilized and therefore more highly evolved lineage.
Runs on any platform unlike other less civilized software.
The people have proven time and again of being incapable of civilized life.
Let us debate in a civilized way that shows respect for all opinions.
Enjoy the castaway ambience, and try to stay civilized.
Arguing in the alternative is a long-established principle of civilized debate.
In a civilized society, one is considered not-guilty until ones guilt has been proven.
Let's try to be civilized and show each other cultures respect.
It is a lighter, much more civilized and refined product in general.
The real homelessness is to call civilized that which is barbaric.
It is the culmination of centuries of endeavor, for civilized nations.
The city invites the people of the civilized world to attend the great fair.
He had visited nearly every civilized portion of the globe and claimed several rulers as his friends.
Of course, cannot get away with that sort of thing anymore, much too civilized nowadays.
My brother uses an antique cigarette case for his and it looks so civilized.
Civilized scientists are a credit to their disciplines.
Going to funerals and memorial services is part of being a civilized human being.
It's time that civilized countries stop believing in voodoo.
The question as to whether torture is too evil for a civilized society to tolerate seems fundamental.
The civilized world needs to reformat the entire system of corrections so that it actually does some correcting.
The resistance to what works in every other civilized country is a symptom of social pathology.
When you are returning in the evening to a civilized place, it kind of slows this process down a bit.
They can greatly cheapen the bills, but they are incapable of supplying the civilized world alone.
The world was simply grander back then, somehow more civilized, and nicer to look at.
Its presence is a sure sign that people are not living with civilized amenities.
But there's a difference between, say, having a civilized divorce and throwing someone's things out of the window.
The director has done his best to restore the civilized pleasures of the genre.
Anarchy was replaced by a good time and the general tone and tenure was far more civilized and restrained.
Solar and wind and geothermal energy are all fine, but they are not the serious sources of energy the civilized world needs.
And after that, for the rest of the time civilized humans observe such things, the difference will be apparent.
Relying on chemistry instead of torque and heat, the relaxer seemed more worldly, more civilized and refined.
It means the common and universal sense of mankind, the common values basic to every civilized society and creed.
Sane and civilized societies do not give permission for such things.
And acts of genocide cannot be tolerated by the community of civilized nations.
In any case, there is something wrong with making the survival of the fittest a guiding principle of civilized society.
They don't protect people against pressures and abuses that any civilized legal system should consider intolerable.
The people are far more observant than the dwellers in civilized lands.
They were either condemned by anti-Semites or expected to show restraint because they came from a civilized background.
Outlander has nifty touches in civilized package powerful.
For those looking to spend some time in more civilized surroundings, there's a game room and a lounge area with television.
The liberation is too intense, too extreme, for a nature conditioned by and for a state of civilized confinement.
In civilized societies, settlement of disputes must be sought by peaceful means.
And a society that allows that to happen is not a society that can call itself civilized.
Laughing at them and discussing the logistics of how to get rid of them is the civilized thing to do.
If you cannot reason in a civilized manner then do not join the discussion.
In ancient times the opulent and civilized found it difficult to defend themselves against the poor and barbarous nations.
In fact, there is not a corner of the civilized world in which it is not known and liked.
Think of the amount of brutality, the cruelty and the lies allowed to spread over the civilized world.
Ownership in the beast and in the primitive savage was far more intense a thing than it is in the civilized world to-day.
It was civilized, and everyone took care of their families and kept them clean.
The rest of the civilized world generally pays quote a lot less for health insurance and has more coverage and less struggle.
Our map of the past is strongly skewed toward civilized sedentary groups, where lack of mobility was the norm.
In much of the civilized world intensive farmers replaced extensive farmers in fertile regions in prehistoric times.
So get the system up and running and join the rest of the civilized world.
The rest of the civilized world has single payer healthcare, and it is both better and cheaper than ours.
Whatever compels humans to choose to live in a civilized and cooperative society, it is not the idea of morals.
Such ethical behavior facilitates civilized living and improves the quality of life for everyone.
Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent.
In the second place, cats are civilized members of the household.
In all the world there remains only one large tribe of savages which shows no signs of dying out or becoming civilized.
But it must be balanced against a civilized society's need for behavioral constraints, agreed upon by the consent of the governed.
Going to court to decide who won this contest is, in my opinion, as civilized as it gets.
It's not always easy to be civilized in major media, be it radio or print.
The fleeing family will need these records to preserve their language as they enter the wilderness and leave civilized society.
We're not part of some barely civilized group living on a frontier, needing weapons to protect ourselves form some rabble.
Any nation which tortures prisoners must be labeled criminal and isolated from the civilized world.

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