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Exploring the math and data of society and civilization.
Copying is the engine of civilization: culture is behavior duplicated.
Civilization is a complex way of life that came about as people began to develop urban settlements.
All the comforts of civilization but rustic enough to remind you nature is all around you.
The end of the road is seldom accompanied by teeming civilization, which is the essence of its seduction.
It was the earliest known civilization, and their music was quite beautiful.
They are a testament to the grandeur of a civilization long gone.
Human civilization may fall apart, but salsa will live forever.
Especially if you are heading out into the woods far away from civilization.
The bulletin has grown into an organization focused more generally on manmade threats to human civilization.
As a survey, though, it offers an insightful look at food's impact on civilization.
There is currently much more evidence of a global catastrophe that may have devastated a global civilization.
Escaping from civilization and creating communities.
And this was at a time when people didn't know if there was land up there or even a lost civilization.
Entrances to the parkway appear regularly, but they are unobtrusive with no hint of civilization in sight.
While for any given individual art is a luxury, for a civilization to endure, it's a necessity.
They added up to a corpus of civilization, a series whose import had real stakes.
Civilization should correlate with global warming, but the direction of causation should be from climate to civilization.
Civilization should not be a matter of survival of the fittest, to put it crudely.
His suggestion that our universe may be a simulation run on the computer of an alien civilization is also old hat.
So close had civilization got to printing six thousand years ago.
Two thousand years ago such dogmatism, readily welcome, would have scouted the idea of blond races ever leading civilization.
The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.
We are steadily building a new race-a new civilization great in its own attainments.
Their motives were changed, and they were transferred to the setting of a higher civilization.
Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization.
Behold then three great successive orders of things in civilization, from its origin down to our days.
Nor, while hospitable to the authors of the city's civilization, was he ungrateful to the instruments of her prosperity.
It would be mere surplusage to dwell further upon the influence of the grotesque in the third civilization.
Take the six-pack, whose contents first fizzed at the dawn of civilization.
Agriculture made civilization possible, but it has also brought on a crisis in the modern lifestyle.
Egyptians take pride in their rich heritage and in their descent from what is considered the first great civilization.
The magnificent civilization that had built the great pyramids had lost its way, torn apart by petty warlords.
The mechanics who keep the world running are the hidden strength of our civilization.
There was little evidence that any sort of universal civilization existed outside the confines of a small, highly educated elite.
Another thing that is manifestly not maximized by free markets is civilization.
Our stopping at nothing is what made us lose our credibility as a white civilization in the van of progress.
Otherwise they will be unable to cross the next technological threshold that emerges in human civilization.
In this period the conscience of the community lives only in those outposts of civilization known as settlement houses.
If the alien civilization is as advanced as you describe, they are aware of the distribution of galaxies around us.
People who don't care-or don't need to care-what others think of them show how crucial reputation is to civilization.
Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization.
Civilization is killing things before they can even name them.
With that successful effort to satisfy their thirsty crops, they went on to form the world's first irrigation-based civilization.
There will be no enough people to maintain modern civilization.
Within are the still serviceable remains of an advanced civilization and the humanoid skeletons of its builders.
Make no mistake, groundwater has been a boon to civilization, literally allowing us to turn deserts into gardens.
Maybe some previous civilization already thought of it.
Food is an essential part of civilization, with a scope that ranges from the biological to the economic and cultural levels.
We've been building roofs since the dawn of civilization.
It is the sole substance which has affected the human being and civilization.
If something ever happens to our planet, it could be the end of our civilization.
Its effect on natural systems and on civilization will be a universal permanent disaster.
As civilization developed in warm climates, humans learned to whitewash their dwellings.
And who knows, maybe some of these sundered strands of humanity achieved civilization way before us.
We should have let the chips fall were they may and picked up the pieces afterwards and gotten on with civilization.
Energy efficiency and reduction of our gas emissions is the future of civilization.
Some people have been trying to control others by using processes in various forms since civilization began.
But the statement that lying is a fundamental part of civilization is all perspective.
There is obviously no one authoritative locale that can claim to be the cradle of western civilization.
Human heard practices adverse selection since the dawn of civilization.
Civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart.
The governing elite instinctively disdain the natives and their civilization.
It is obvious that in every stage of the history, humankind paid a price while climbing the each step of the civilization ladder.
There will be a whole host of benefits that spring out of doing it besides not letting civilization collapse for lack of energy.
Such simplification is a quite an injustice to the great country and the civilization.
What she sees is an idea, the spirit of a civilization.
Future historians, surveying the ruins of our civilization, may discover a correlation between wine production and sovereign debt.
Whatever the cause, civilization itself begins to fray.
Much of modern civilization has been geared toward making sure that this doesn't happen.
It is narrower, and it no longer presents an existential threat to all of civilization and all of human life.
Now their future is threatened by an invasion from another civilization acting in the name of profit.
Hazel is the one who will go to the grave knowing that the image will be part of civilization as long as civilization endures.
But you're using many concepts from civilization and law and expecting the animals to correspond to it.
It is also a key to an unsettling fact about our own civilization and its discontents.
These are fundamental acts which built our civilization.
The once untamable city was acquiring a crust of civilization, order, and even romance.
For two centuries these majestic cats have stayed as far from civilization as possible.
Canticle features a monastic sect devoted to preserving technology in the centuries following the fall of civilization.
Those who are ignorant and apathetic obviously now belong to the infancy of our civilization.
Thankfully, civilization hasn't advanced quite so far.
These are disabilities that are a result of the advance of civilization.
Without the contents of our libraries-our collective backlist, our cultural memory-our civilization would collapse.
His chief contribution to our civilization is his leadership in the understanding of nature.
Civilization may have been hanging in the balance, but the prime minister wanted his bath.
The thin veneer of civilization rests upon what may well be an illusory faith in our common humanity.
But it reaches further back than that, virtually to the beginnings of civilization.
The corruption of bagels is a snapshot of a civilization in decline.

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