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The rover may have other jobs to do than to send pics to civilians.
Aside from the health and economic downsides that civilians face, tobacco-using military personnel encounter other risks.
Nearly two hundred protesters were arrested, and seventy civilians and fifty-one policemen were wounded.
He insults civilians, walks checks, abandons rentals and dodges tabs at fancy hotels.
Now elected civilians are deciding what the military can and cannot do.
Or you might fritz the good guys and civilians by mistake.
Civilians have taken to real-time reporting of trouble spots on the country's dangerous northern highways.
But flying robots are agnostic about who they train their gaze upon, and can spy on cops as easily as they can spy on civilians.
They aren't so much stories that soldiers tell civilians as those that soldiers tell each other.
Fighting along the border is displacing tens of thousands of civilians.
We don't want to see violence on the streets, from police or civilians.
It argued that the need to protect civilians was an overwhelming moral imperative.
But the tally of civilians killed by the police is even worse.
In any case worries are mounting that civilians will suffer on a large scale.
In each case a technology created for military use has gone on to become widely used by civilians.
Dozens of police and civilians have also been murdered.
Several hundred civilians, their homes in ashes, huddle under makeshift shelters.
It is problematic that civilians have suffered in an operation that is, in part, designed to win support from local people.
Despite what pro-regime propagandists say, few civilians have been killed from the air.
Firepower is of little use, and often counter-productive, when the enemy deliberately mingles among civilians.
There is an awful lot of energy moving towards protecting civilians, but you can't have too much energy.
It depicts soldiers shooting civilians, protesters carrying their wounded away.
Describes how civilians respond to prolonged stress.

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