civilian clothes in a sentence

Example sentences for civilian clothes

Soldiers in civilian clothes walked toward the morgue in a column of two.
Then, from behind a line of military police, a sharpshooter in civilian clothes fired a rifle into a crowd of unarmed civilians.
Television footage showed teenage boys in civilian clothes emptying banana clips into the crowd.
He was dressed in civilian clothes, apparently realizing that he would not be asked to command the troops that might be used.
All the diplomats and members of their parties who attended the ceremony of treaty signing wore conventional civilian clothes.
Duty uniform as well as civilian clothes are acceptable.
So, he refused to put on the civilian clothes and gave the jailer notice he did not want to come to court.
Military visitors are welcome to wear civilian clothes when they visit.
Work is performed in uniform or civilian clothes and officers are typically armed.
They sometimes masqueraded as civilians and wore civilian clothes.
No civilian clothes are authorized for any other court procedures.
They are furnished suitable apartments if married and are supplied with both military and civilian clothes.
During the picketing, the technicians were off-duty and in civilian clothes.
Prohibit offensive civilian clothes and personal grooming based on legal, moral, safety or sanitary grounds.
So, they don't understand there is a vast gulf separating the uniform from civilian clothes.
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