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Basic pay is required by law to grow in line with civilian pay.
File a complaint with the civilian complaint review board.
The immediate big future for this development is in the civilian market.
Officers sign up civilian volunteers to join the fight next to the anti-aircraft station on the basketball court of a high school.
It is likely that both sources underestimate the true number of civilian casualties.
In fact, this was when reports of civilian casualties in the region began circulating.
Their civilian power programs were excellent cover for weapons development.
The militants' civilian toll has gone up at a similar rate.
The explosion destroyed the civilian car, the governor's office said.
More such sites may be needed to secure the fissile materials that result from civilian nuclear power.
Indeed, airstrikes are the main cause of civilian deaths by the coalition.
Government investments specifically for civilian use are pretty sorry as far as returns.
In the civilian world, it's illegal to deny health coverage or disability benefits on the basis of genetic information.
Civilian police attached to such missions are a different matter.
Here medical teams cut, crack, and inject where their civilian counterparts might pause and worry about lawsuits.
Others seek help in civilian practice rather than in the military health system.
There, he promised survivors to look for new ways to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.
The civilian opposition may be doing better than the armed one.
Deniers of alternative energy investments are ultimately screwing their children of future civilian jobs.
The technology can also help civilian emergency workers to communicate more efficiently.
To then apply civilian standards of conduct to soldiers, is inherently flawed.
In a series of meetings with opposition leaders, they have insisted that they sincerely want an early return to civilian rule.
His ode to systems engineering includes a detailed look at three large defence projects and one civilian one.
Battlefield pleas were even turned down when there were no innocents in the area, because of the harm to civilian property.
The university researchers, meanwhile, are continuing to look at civilian applications.
If that works, then civilian applications beckon, and local authorities will have yet another excuse not to fix the roads.
Civilian versions of the craft were used by ranchers, police departments and the media.
Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption.
We didn't come close to providing additional civilian-aid workers that were called for in the original plan.
Both were urban, popular uprisings that were sustained by civilian militia until they were crushed by foreign troops.
The ability of reservists to contribute to national defense depends in part on the support of their civilian employers.
But they remain blunt instruments, guided by principles and conditions that differ from those in civilian society.
Then, from behind a line of military police, a sharpshooter in civilian clothes fired a rifle into a crowd of unarmed civilians.
Similar sponges could also prove useful in civilian hospitals.
If service can justify citizenship, then perhaps citizenship should require service, whether military or civilian.
So he tested other groups-civilian and military populations.
My father in his dark civilian suit was kneeling there with his head bent, his face in his hands.
The civilian sensibility prizes above all else the rule of law.
It shot out the tire of a civilian car that came close.
Their tactics are now carried out regardless of civilians, as they fire both from and into civilian structures.

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