civil engineering in a sentence

Example sentences for civil engineering

Architecture is usually conceived as the aesthetic design of the structure, while the construction is purely civil engineering.
Gabions--wire mesh baskets filled with rocks--have been used for civil engineering purposes for centuries.
Whole tires are also used in civil engineering projects.
The program offers degrees in areas such as civil engineering, computer science, and accounting.
It's not a contribution to the knowledge of civil engineering as a discipline.
Many of the dead are from the foreign languages, civil engineering and engineering sciences departments.
Planning and civil engineering, because they have broader social- and resource-related implications.
Here you might note that the cost of fibre is capital and mainly civil engineering.
Civil engineering has been around for quite a few years and those guys have really cool laser transits and computers and stuff.
Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering.
Most technicians focus on one type of engineering, such as civil engineering.
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