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He had been a senior civil servant in the pre-war government, specialising in financial matters.
Born into the landed gentry, he worked as a civil servant while writing and editing for radical journals.
He told me this in the neutral style of a civil servant.
What has changed is that you can get a civil servant fired.
The others were bankers, but he was a civil servant.
Ronald was a civil servant but became a money dealer about a year ago to feed his family.
In many countries, central bankers earn more than the average civil servant.
The national-security chief, the top civil servant in the power ministry and the attorney-general have all been ousted.
Corruption and nepotism: politicians are not civil servant any more with a vision for the future, no statesmanship.
The minimum monthly earnings for contribution calculation purposes are equal to the lower limit of the civil servant salary scale.
The minimum monthly earnings used to calculate contributions are the lower limit of the civil servant salary scale.

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