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Actually, a libertarian candidate explained to me years ago that your property rights would be protected by civil law.
Awkwardly, no consistent distinction exists between an offence that should be handled under criminal law and one under civil law.
The question of product liability would be best left to civil law.
In a democracy people live under the rule of civil law and freedom is not only for oneself but also for the other.
People raising this did not spend some effort in researching civil law and studying the various national cultures.
Without it a framework of civil law is inadequate to maintain order in a free society.
If this transaction goes bad for any reason, civil law is your recourse.
Also, as far as the state is concerned marriage is a contract governed by civil law.
Canon law and civil law in combination slightly exceed the three philosophies.
The reception of civil law in the northern kingdom rendered it less possible to regard the crown as the supreme source of right.
Similar detailed provisions guarded the doctorates of canon law, civil law and of medicine.
Happily both are manageable, the one by rabbinical, the other by the civil law.
Their freedom of conscience is as vital as gays' freedom to be treated equally under the civil law.
The majority of lawyers are found in private practice, where they concentrate on criminal or civil law.
These proceedings include civil law and motion matters.
It would be even better, of course, if the rule were to report allegations even if the civil law doesn't require it.
The legal definition of marriage exists to allow it to be referred to in other civil law.

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